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Most Mozilla Firefox Tabs Open At Once

United States

Justin Bankopened 11,411 tabs on hisMozilla Firefox browser at the same time.

Most Bench Presses With A Pillow In 30 Seconds

00:49 United States

Pat bench pressed a pillow 85 times in 30 seconds.

Most Paper Clips Unclipped In One Minute

03:03 Spain

Juan Martínez individually separated 80 paper clips from a paper clip chain in one minute.

Most Grapes Fit In Closed Mouth

02:27:44 India

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya fit 79 grapes inside his closed mouth. He set the record during a live show in TV9 Mumbai News. NOTE: Stuffing food in your mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution and have supervision on hand.

Most Revolutions With Another Human Dangling From One's Waist

01:47 United States

Spencer Renfro rotated 34 times while swinging Pete Moyer from his waist. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should be attempted with caution.

Most Video Games Reviewed In Two Minutes

04:04 United States

Ryan R. reviewed 32 video games in two minutes.

Most Bullseyes Hit In One Minute


Cory Tkach hit 23 bullseyes in one minute. He set the record during the 2012 Lac du Bonnet Open Darts Tournament in Manitoba, Canada.

Most Handstand Jumps On One Arm While Wearing Roller Skates

00:42 United States

Diamond Walker completed 65 handstand jumps on one arm. The record was set during evian's Live Young, Skate On! event in Miami, Florida. #evianwater

Most Songs Named In 30 Seconds Replacing The Word "Love" With The Word "Dick"

00:43 United States

Maytal M. named 26 songs, replacing the word “love” with the word “dick”, in 30 seconds. NOTE: This attempt contains adult language and therefore may not be suitable for some audiences.

Most Handstand Push-Ups With Legs Held Straight

01:04 England

Adam Frewer completed 31 consecutive handstand push-ups without any wall support.

Most One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers In Five Minutes

05:23 United States

Alicia Weber performed 377 one-armed Leaping Mountain Climber exercises in five minutes.

Most "Smiley Face" Post-It Notes Attached To Face In 30 Seconds

01:40 England

Kate Lawler drew smiley faces on 10 Post-it Notes attached to her forehead in 30 seconds.

Most Pennies Balanced Vertically On A Penny

03:50 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 36 pennies vertically on top of another penny.

Most Deep Squats In Four Minutes

05:32 Bulgaria

Radi M. completed 267 deep squats in four minutes.

Most One-Armed Burpee Exercises In Two Minutes While Wearing A Boxing Glove

02:49 France

Guillaume B. completed 59 one-armed Burpee exercises in two minutes while wearing a boxing glove.

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