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Most Consecutive One-Legged Jumps In One Minute

01:21 United States

Olivia performed 171 one-legged jumps in one minute.

Most Straight Arm One-Legged Push-Ups On Fingertips While Carrying 10-Pound Weight On Back

00:33 Egypt

Adel K. performed consecutive four straight arm, one-legged push-ups on his fingertips while carrying a 10-pound weight on his back.

Most Handstand Push-Ups With Legs Held Straight

01:04 England

Adam Frewer completed 31 consecutive handstand push-ups without any wall support.

Most Dance Illusions In One Minute

01:43 United States

Brittany performed 30 dance illusions in one minute.

Longest Cross-Legged Handstand

01:14 Canada

Patrice P. performed a handstand with his legs crossed and stayed in position for one minute, 3.06 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance Cross-Legged On A Slackline

16:25 United States

Mikhel B. balanced cross-legged on a slackline for 16 minutes, 3.63 seconds.

Most Consecutive Feet-Together, Hands-At-Knee Straight Leg Pulses

01:40 United States

Alicia Weber performed 153 feet-together, hands-at-knee straight leg pulses.

Fastest Time For Two People To Switch Pants

00:27 United States

Charles' friends switched their pants in 8.30 seconds.

Most Leg Presses Using A 900-Pound Weight

03:22 United States

Jason F. leg pressed a 900-pound weight 76 times.

Most Consecutive One-Legged Straight Arm Push-Ups

00:18 Egypt

Adel K. performed 11 one-legged, straight arm push-ups.

Largest Thumb Wrestling Circle While Standing On One Leg

00:13 United States

A total of 24 members of FCOG Youth joined together and created the largest thumb wrestling circle while each participant stood on one leg.

Longest Chain Of People Standing On One Foot And Eating Apples

01:18 United States

Melanie and her family formed a chain while standing on one foot and eating apples.

Most Under-The-Leg Hacky Sack Catches

02:37 United States

Jake Y. completed 120 under-the-leg hacky sack catches.

Most Reps Performing A 13-Minute Mishmash Legathlon

19:33 United States

Alicia Weber completed 403 reps performing a 13-minute Mishmash Legathlon.

Most Consecutive Devil Stick Leg Revolutions

01:53 Germany

Lukas R. completed 163 consecutive leg revolutions using devil sticks.

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