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02:40 Italy

Most Pistol Squats On Three Kitchen Knives

Silvio Sabba

Silvio S. performed 17 pistol squats while balancing on three kitchen knives. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt man. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

00:34 Canada

Farthest Distance To Hit A Balloon With A Knife While Aiming Backwards Using A Mirror

Ryan Stock

Ryan Stock hit a balloon with a knife from eight feet away aiming with a mirror.

00:52 United States

Farthest Distance To Hit A Table Tennis Ball With A Knife

Carter Haase

Carter Haase hit a table tennis with a blade of knife, launching it a distance of 29.58 feet (348 inches).

00:50 Canada

Farthest Distance To Throw A Hat Backwards And Pin It To Wall With Knife

Ryan Stock

Ryan Stock threw his hat backwards over his shoulder and pinned it to a wall with a knife from eight feet away. NOTE: This record is extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

02:55 United States

Farthest Throw Striking A Four-Inch Target Using A Butter Knife

T. Vickers

T. Vickers threw a butter knife, striking a four-inch diameter target, from a distance of 10.6 feet away.

03:36 United States

Fastest Knife Quick Draw Artist


Sammy Morgan quick drew a knife in 0.26 second. He started playing around with knives and other weapons at the age of seven and had a martial arts training at the age of 12. Presently, he works as a tree surgeon.

00:56 United States

Fastest Time To Cut A Crunch Chocolate Bar Into 10 Pieces Using A Butter Knife

David Hrusovsky

David H. cut a Crunch chocolate bar into 10 pieces in 27.84 seconds using a butter knife.

00:50 United States

Fastest Time To Cut A Deck Of Playing Cards In Hand Using A Knife

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey cut a deck of playing cards in his hand in 2.85 seconds using a knife.

United States

Fastest Time To Recite "To Be Or Not To Be" Soliloquy While Balancing On A Rola Bola On A Picnic Table And Juggling Knives

Chad Lunders

Chad Lunders recited Shakespeare’s "To be, or not to be" soliloquy from Hamlet in 41.21 seconds while balancing on a rola bola[] board on top of a picnic table and juggling knives. The record was set on October 3, 2009 at the Kansas City Juggling Festival[]. tag:RecordSetterBook01

01:14 United States

Fastest Time To Remove And Replace 17 Knives From A Knife Block

Zach Swee

Zach Swee removed and replaced 17 knives from a knife block in 53.85 seconds. NOTE: This record is dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

48:55 United States

Longest Apple Peel Carved With A Butter Knife

Pete Graf

Pete Graf carved an apple peel 144 inches long using a butter knife. Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will. General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

01:42 United States

Longest Pronunciation Of "Jimmy Fallon" While Holding A Dog And A Large Knife

Hope Brannon

Hope Brannon and Halle Hausman took one minute, 30.68 seconds to say the name “Jimmy Fallon” while holding a dog and a large knife. NOTE: Moving forward, records in this category must meet the URDB pronunciation record criteria[].

05:32 United States

Longest Time Balancing Machete On Tongue

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a machete on his tongue for four minutes, 54.69 seconds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

01:18 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Knives While Jumping On A Unicycle

Kyle Petersen

Kyle Petersen juggled three knives for one minute, 2.91 seconds while jumping on a unicycle. The record was set at an event in the Dube Juggling showroom in New York City. NOTE: This record is dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

01:48 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Sword On The Flat Edge Of A Knife Held In Mouth While Kneeling

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a sword on the flat edge of a knife held in his mouth while kneeling for 13.75 seconds. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. Please use proper safety precautions.

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