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Dancing world records feature all different styles of dance, from the Twist to the Worm to go-go and the Macarena. If you've put in hours of practice doing tap, ballet, jazz or ballroom dancing, here's the place to show it off. If you're not a seasoned performer, it doesn't matter - just gather some friends and rave with glow sticks or crank the car stereo and groove in a parking lot.

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Longest Pop 'n' Lock Armwave

03:22 United States

A total of 528 staff and students of Saghalie Middle School joined hands and performed a pop 'n' lock armwave. They set the record during their first pep assembly of the year.

Highest Score On A "Dance Central 2" Song While Being Blindfolded

05:22 United States

Elizabeth Bolinger earned 1,605,387 points on a Dance Central 2 song while being blindfolded.

Most People Twerking At Once

01:22 United States

At the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, 1,945 people twerked together, a RecordSetter World Record. The record was led by show hosts Lucy Hale and Darren Criss, and officiated by RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson.

Most Consecutive Spider Hops

00:36 Indonesia

Fahreza N. performed 50 consecutive spider hops.

Largest Group Of People Dancing While Holding Gourds

05:28 Canada

Mel Sampson documented 90 people dancing while holding gourds. The record was set live on-air on 95.9 Sun FM outside their Canadian studio.

Longest Conga Line In A Public Library

03:20 United States

Colleen LaBarbera led 60 people from Ohio Township Public Library System to dance in a conga line as part of their 2012 Summer Reading Program activity.

Largest Group To Perform The Purple Cobras' Entrance Dance

00:14 United States

107 students from iD Tech Camps at UC Irvine performed the Purple Cobra’s entrance dance from the movie Dodgeball at the same time.

Largest Zumba Class In New York City

04:12 United States

The Relay For Life of Bergen Beach, Mill Basin & Marine Park hosted 419 participants at their Zumba For Life event to set a record for Largest Zumba Class In New York City. They set the record at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn to raise cancer awareness and money for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.

Largest Group To Dance "The Carlton"

00:39 United States

Rob Roush led 290 people in dancing ’The Carlton’, a dance made famous by The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

Highest Score On "Sandstorm" Track Of "Dance Central 2" (XBox 360)

04:11 Australia

Tatiana S. earned 2,392,388 points in a game of Dance Central 2 on the track Sandstorm.

Fastest Time To Count From 1 To 100 While Doing A Headstand

00:44 Canada

Joel MacNeil counted from 1 to 100 in 29.24 seconds while doing a headstand.

Most Songs Go-Go Danced To In Two Minutes

02:18 United States

Ella Morton go-go danced to six songs in two minutes. Morton set the record at a RecordSetter LIVE! event at UCB Theater in New York City.

Largest Group Dance To Raise Awareness For Parkinson's Disease

02:24 United States

The National Parkinson's Foundation Minnesota had 79 people dance together to raise awareness for Parkinson's disease.

Longest Time For Two People To Dance "Gangnam Style"

05:51 United States

Taylor and her friend danced Gangnam Style for four minutes, 59.17 seconds.

Most People Dancing At Once To "Drop It Like It's Hot" While Drinking Sundrop

00:46 United States

Alex and five of his friends danced to the tune of Drop It Like It's Hot while drinking Sundrop.

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