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Most Pieces Of Chalk Thrown At A Person In A Taco Suit Singing "Space Oddity"

04:03 United States

Emily Casden threw 144 pieces of chalk at Ella Morton while Morton was dressed in a taco suit, singing Space Oddity. The band Blast Off!!![] accompanied Morton for her performance. The record was at aWorld Record Appreciation Societyevent held atJoe’s Pubin New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS15][] tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Chalk Line

11:32 Canada

Darryl Learie drew a chalk line 8,067.84 feet (1.528 miles) in length around the streets of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It took him two hours, 50 minutes and 49 seconds to complete the feat.

Largest RecordSetter Logo Drawn In Chalk

01:15 United States

Zachary Gross drew a RecordSetter logo 120 inches in length.

Largest Monster Drawn In Chalk

United States

Trevor Burkholder and five kids drew a monster on the street using chalk that measures 147 feet long.

Smallest Goddess Durga Sculpture Carved From Chalk

03:02 India

Sujit Das created a sculpture of the Indian goddess Durga on a chalk pencil that measured one inch in height.

Most Words Written In A Parking Spot

01:12 United States

Cameron Mcarthy and his friends wrote 227 words in a parking spot.

Most Sculptures Carved From Chalk

United States

Karthikeyan curved 76 sculptures from pieces of chalk.

Smallest Rhinoceros Figurine


Sujit Das created a rhinoceros figurine made entirely of chalk measuring only one inch in length.

Smallest Tree Sculpture Carved From Chalk


Yuktha created a sculpture of a coconut tree on a chalk pencil that measured one square centimeter.

Smallest "Fountain Of Horses" Carved From Chalk

00:30 India

Yuktha created a Fountain of Horses sculpture on a chalk pencil measuring 2.7 centimeters in length.

Longest Time Standing Barefooted On Crushed Pieces Of Chalk

00:42 United States

Cami stood on crushed pieces of chalk for 3.84 seconds while barefoot.

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