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Longest Time For Two People To "Meow Sing" While Drawing

05:26 United States

Andrew L. and his friend meowed for four minutes, 59.09 seconds while drawing.

Most Stick-Figure Cats Drawn In 25 Seconds

01:58 United States

Viktor O. eight stick-figure cats in 25 seconds.

Most Unique Pets Placed On One Table

United States

WonG KF placed his pet dog, cat, bird, rabbit, chinchilla, and hamster all on one table.

Most Dance Moves By A Kitten Listening To "Beep" In 30 Seconds

00:42 United States

Molly's pet kitten Nico, performed eight dance moves in 30 seconds while listening to Beep by The Pussycat Dolls.

Largest Group To Meow "Lean On Me"

04:23 United States

A total of 396 students from Johnson Ferry in Marietta, Georgia performed the “meow” rendition of ’Lean On Me’.

Most Times For A Cat To Exit A Paper Bag

00:9 United States

Alex's pet cat hid in a paper bag, exiting the bag two times.

Longest Time To Manipulate Two Devil Sticks While Balancing A Cat On Lap

04:14 Germany

Lukas R. manipulated two devil sticks for three minutes, 38.12 seconds while balancing a cat on his lap.

Longest Time Rotating A Devil Stick While Petting A Cat

04:40 Germany

Lukas R. rotated a devil stick for four minutes, 17.62 seconds while petting his cat.

Longest Time Juggling Two Balls With One Hand While Holding A Cat

00:57 United States

Ross W. juggled two balls with his right hand for 48.84 seconds while holding a cat in his left hand.

Most Finger Taps In 10 Seconds While Playing With A Kitten

00:8 United States

Jacob tapped his fingers 80 times in 10 seconds while playing with a kitten.

Most Cats Pet At Once

00:3 Canada

Bryan F. pet three cats at once.

Most Kittens Held In One Hand

00:32 United States

Clint Poore held five kittens in his hand at once.

Most Kittens Sleeping In A Box

00:15 United States

Six of Clint Poore's kittens slept inside a box.

Most Consecutive Bench Presses Of A Live Cat

04:02 United States

Michael Demore bench pressed his cat Margaret 130 consecutive times.

Most Cats In One Room At Once

United States

Michele Brown had four cats in her room.

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