Tallest Frosted Mini-Wheat Tower

Canada Erin Browes

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada / October 16, 2009

Erin Browes stacked eight Frosted Mini-Wheats on top of one another.


- can't modify Mini-Wheats in any manner
- Mini-Wheats must be completely dry
- biting or flattening Mini-Wheats not permitted
- no glue or external forms of support permitted

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  • United States Erin Browes

    Erin Browes

    store brand tastes like cardboard, stacking them is at least a better use. Sure, i don't see why store brand shouldn't be ok (as long as they are the same size, etc. No licking...!)

  • Ian  Yates

    Ian Yates


  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Let's let Erin (the original record creator) answer that.

  • Ian  Yates

    Ian Yates

    I want to try this but i dont have frosted mini wheates i just have a store brand does this count?

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