Most Shoes Thrown At A Person Wearing A Snuggie In One Minute While Wearing A Penguin Costume

Australia Scarlett Noorman

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / January 2, 2011

Scarlett Noorman threw 36 shoes at her friend who was wearing a [Snuggie][1] in one minute. She performed the attempt while wearing a penguin costume. [1]:

- shoes may be passed to thrower by an assistant
- thrower must be in a penguin costume
- thrower must be 1.5 meters away from the target
- target person must be in a Snuggie
- target may use shield or pillow for protection
- thrower may throw shoe more than once
- shoe must hit the other person to be counted


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  • Australia Scarlett Noorman

    Scarlett Noorman

    This was actually set on Janurary 2nd 2012 but it wouldn't let me pick this year.

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