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Most Consecutive Warheads Eaten

Canada Josh Dekker


Pickering, Ontario, Canada / June 27, 2012

Josh Dekker ate 28 Warheads candies in a row. His friend Matt Ficara ate 18.

NOTE: Speed eating is dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

- must use traditional Warheads candies
- each Warhead must be fully consumed before eating the next
- must provide video evidence
- may not drink liquid during attempt

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  • United States Max Salit

    Max Salit

    Furious Pete has 150

  • United States John McCarthy

    John McCarthy

  • United States James Dawson

    James Dawson

    LA beast 86

  • United States Rachael Barfield

    Rachael Barfield

    TheTrivitaBomb youtube user beat your records. I think 70 warheads?

  • United States Kamarr Long

    Kamarr Long

    sorry but yall are about to lose two records lol the champ is here

  • Canada Anthony Zara

    Anthony Zara

    This was awesome!

  • United States Dylan Ward

    Dylan Ward

    Just broke it waiting on vid to upload

  • Canada Josh Dekker

    Josh Dekker

    Emily, I'm sure you understand how painfully enjoyable Warheads are to eat. When I watch the video, my taste buds still tingle. Haha, thanks for the support. As for the colours, black cherry is my favourite & lemon is pretty sour.

  • Canada Josh Dekker

    Josh Dekker

    Thank you Mr. Michael James, had a lot of fun doing it. Except for the whole bleeding tongue part, haha.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    My mouth relived the taste when you held out the bowl! This was pretty much my childhood. Except we'd see how many we could handle at ONE cherry was the worst. Congrats! What will you guys do next?

  • United States Michael James

    Michael James

    You sir are hardcore.

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