Most "Cardistry" Photographs In One Minute

United States James Tazioli


Chicago, Illinois, United States / January 11, 2012

James Tazioli flashed 376 “Cardistry” photographs in one minute.

- each photo must be unique
- subject of each photo must be a playing card formation
- photos must be flashed within the one-minute mark


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  • United States James Tazioli

    James Tazioli

    Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes things somewhat work out. Sometimes think do work or at least come very close to what was desired. This year of "cardistry" fit perfectly into one minute and i'm super pumped to see people commenting and liking my work. That really makes me continue. Not only with inspiration but just more confidence and intelligence.

  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    Sure more pictures fit!

    At :16 it starts counting down.

    As for most of your comment, I stopped reading because you're just going on a little, silly tangent.

    I'm saying this would be more impressive if the "Cardistry" formations were made within a minute.

  • United States James Tazioli

    James Tazioli

    Well that's what i should've done!! Considering i sped it to maximum not many more photos fit into one minute little buddy. Just imagine what i can do with two. Make sure you tell your friends everybody about this futuristic astronomic record. I guess you could if your hands replicate mine exactly and you take the time making hand displays you have a good chance but thats not ever enough. This is only one small portion to other "cardistry" ideas. I've had for long time which you might enjoy so look out because yes. i'm actual coming for your records. Now the challenge needs no acceptance because you showed betrayal by pretending to steal my record? Dude this is balling free. Don't pretend you see through. Your far from true potential. I have the mind of thousands, eagle eye flight, and even breed my own lions. Would you like to buy? Seriously though some difficult stuff this is seriously my passion. The cards have been dealt! lets just say that man. Lets get it straight. I'm the dealer holding the cards while your puzzled why i'm not exposing letting go. Time for the muzzle James. This is the longest comment. Wow i just thought of the newest record. The world biggest record setter educational abusive also truthful comment ever wrote. Though that would be easy. Why didn't i think that. When hasn't that been invented!? why did you say that..

  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    So to beat this record I just need to speed up this video and add one more picture?

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