Longest Time To Bounce A Ping Pong Ball On A Paddle In One Hand While Juggling Two Balls In The Other Hand While Hula Hooping And Standing On One Leg

United States Pete Moyer


Hillsboro, Illinois, United States / February 16, 2012

Pete Moyer bounced a ping pong ball on a paddle in one hand for 26.15 seconds while juggling two balls in the other hand and hula hooping. He performed the entire feat while standing on one leg.

- must use a 38 or 40mm ping pong ball
- must bounce ping pong ball on a standard paddle
- must juggle two balls
- must bounce, juggle and gyrate hoop at the same time
- hula hoop must gyrate around waist
- must stand on one leg throughout the attempt; other leg may not touch ground
- no outside support permitted
- must provide video evidence

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