Fastest Time To Beat Claire's First Scenario In "Resident Evil 2" Without Infinite Rocket Launcher (PlayStation)

United States Carcinogen


Tallahassee, Florida, United States / March 8, 2012

Carcinogen completed Claire's first scenario in "Resident Evil 2" on the PlayStation in one hour, 19 minutes and one second. He completed the attempt without the use of the infinite rocket launcher.

- must perform attempt using the PlayStation version of the game
- may not play using an emulator
- time is measured by the results screen
- may not use the infinite rocket launcher
- must observe RecordSetter video game rules
- must provide video evidence
  • United States Patrick Allen

    Patrick Allen

    question, how does one tell if their play a Emulator or not? i've played emulators and the Orig Game...theor the same, gameplays the how do you tell?

    • England NittDarko


      well twin galaxies and Guinness world records require you to have recorded 5 seconds of dead air (nothing on the TV) before you turn on the console so you know its not emulated

  • United States Psyniac Phivate

    Psyniac Phivate

    Very impressive! I just finished my first speedrun of this scenario at 2:03 with a few too many saves and a bit of getting lost... room for improvement but I'm sure I'll never get this good xD

  • United States Carcinogen


    Under Info - She? Dude, I'm a guy =\

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