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United States Riley Wood

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Dayton, Kentucky, United States / March 17, 2012

Riley Wood and her friends kept a Skype call open for 12,008 hours, four minutes and 31 seconds.

- must be a continuous conversation 
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Rebecca W.

    Rebecca W.

    This is a record! Looks like people have plenty of time on talking, I wonder when they work or do errands?

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  • Canada kristy leigh

    kristy leigh

    That's crazy. I don't think I'll ever beat that, but today I got a pretty decent one:

    [3:09:22 PM] * Call ended, duration 85:03:51 *

  • United States Daisy Bartlett

    Daisy Bartlett

    I had a 36 he call with my boyfriend :)

  • United States Skyper1234 (Dont

    Skyper1234 (Dont

    I have a ongoing call for 2 hours

  • United States Ramon Schnabel

    Ramon Schnabel

    Call ended, duration 313:28:00 Get on my level

  • United States Morgan Roper

    Morgan Roper

    that's over a year :S.... I don't think it's going to happen sadly ;-;

  • United States emmarica


    i did it with my best friend at 4 months

  • United States Tavita Tufuga

    Tavita Tufuga

    in a call at the moment 65:35:53 in. we want to break the record, what exactly do we need to do to provide evidence?

  • United States Mikael Hjønnevåg

    Mikael Hjønnevåg

    580 hours with my ex, her internet went out for a minute.. gg record.

  • United States Crush Leone

    Crush Leone

    Well....the longest call I ever been in to didn't even TOUCH 5 hrs :P but who cares right?...right?....

  • United States Stephanie Anne

    Stephanie Anne

    25 and a half hours probably wont make it to 48 hours since i take my laptop to work and will have to hang up at some point haha

  • United States Louisé de

    Louisé de

    Incoming, at 592 hours and rising.

  • United States Lara Kali

    Lara Kali

    Me and my best friend (who lives half the country away) only hang up on Skype if our internet goes out or if one of our laptops die. If we go out with our family or to school we leave the call up and continue it when we get back. If we were just a little more diligent with our battery life and internet connections we'd have broken this by almost 9000 hours by now.

  • United States Tom Cognetti

    Tom Cognetti

    FYI to all saying it is 1 year long, check your math. 1191 hours is approximately 50 days. not a year.

  • United States Chelsea Stellman

    Chelsea Stellman

    On a call atm, little over 25 hours. This should be fun.

  • United States James Smith

    James Smith

    on call now reaching 16 hours

  • United States Jayden Carachelo

    Jayden Carachelo

    Me and some friends are currently 18 hours 43 minutes into a skype call. Not bad

  • United States Liam Mckannan

    Liam Mckannan

    I hold the longest skype call. Ive been in the call for 828 days i have proof. http://prntscr.com/1g2jj9 http://prntscr.com/1g2j0y

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      Hi Liam, we'd be happy to look at your attempt but it does need to be shot on video -- that's the category requirement.

    • United States Devan Brichacek

      Devan Brichacek

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but your rules state it has to be a continuous conversation. 50 days there is one way and I don't believe a short video is enough proof...

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      By one "conversation" the rule is indicating it has to be a single call rather than multiple sessions.

  • United States Kyle Butler

    Kyle Butler

    I was there


  • United States Stacey Cusack

    Stacey Cusack

    I'm on 11 hours 14 minutes and decided to Google longest Skype calls.. I think I'll try to beat this!

  • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

    MaAnn Pacion

    This attempt has been denied pending further supporting evidence. Moving forward, RecordSetter will only accept video evidence in this category to avoid confusion and/or alteration of submissions.

  • United States Senderoth Tollinski

    Senderoth Tollinski

    Fake, call is 1.4 years old, and that is a recent version of Skype. (They can't be in the call if they're updating Skype. ) Nice photoshop.

    • United States Jorge Alberto

      Jorge Alberto

      I see what you mean. This is very true. Is there any way we can report this?

    • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

      MaAnn Pacion

      Hi guys. Thanks for your input; very helpful. This record attempt has already been denied.

  • United States Senderoth Tollinski

    Senderoth Tollinski

    Fake, call is 1.4 years old, and that is a recent version of Skype. (They can't be in the call if they're updating Skype. ) Nice photoshop.

  • United States Ashleigh


    Me and my girlfriend is gonna beat that.

  • United States matt


    Just hit 5 hours, I am such a bad ass!

  • United States ryan


    nobody seems to have mentioned internet either...i mean how many of you have had continuous internet for 1 yr and 5 months? my internet shuts off a couple times a month and restarts itself, then on top of that you have to account for power outages...and im sure you all know that occasionally windows updates and restarts while you're sleeping...that anybody would even post this is ridiculous...

  • United States Namine Nom-Nom

    Namine Nom-Nom

    im at 97 hours and 52 mins.....oh how time flies

  • United States Marina


    They easily just took a screen shot and edited it in Paint by copying and pasting the 1 and the 0 to make a much larger number than what it probably was. This call was probably only 28 hours long. Plus, no one's computer would be able to handle being on for that amount of time, your motherboard would literally combust.

    • United States anger


      A motherboard doesn't "literally combust" just because it has been in continous use for an extended period of time. Please, take your ignorance elsewhere.

    • United States Shayne Spradling

      Shayne Spradling

      If your computer is any good, then it could probably handle continuous use for a long period of time...

  • United States Devon Boege

    Devon Boege

    Im gonna say that this is bullshit. that means that this call is 500 days long. Id have to see the END CALL time to verify and the fact that it only shows the call time beside the name? not good enough for me.

  • United States Jane Gergel

    Jane Gergel

    there is a nice skype calls recorder i usually use http://www.imcapture.com/IMCaptureforSkype/, i'd recommend it!) but thanx for info)

  • United States noobmagnet


    there is way to blow up the timer... they cheated EZ, i say u have to show the "call ended, duration" time in chat because it seems to always show the real time for the call... just change your system time while in the call and u screenshot the top left corner of the window so u cant see the time stamps. I can make it 1 million hours if i wanted by changing the system time while in call. tested and true cheatin nigguz

  • United States Athius


    Impossible, that version of skype is recent, and that length dictates that the phone call is 1.4 appx years long

  • United States Bluestarrox97


    Ahhhhh!! I accidentally went offline on my skype call! 45 hours just went down the drain

  • United States Jane Gergel

    Jane Gergel

    there is a nice skype calls recorder i prefer to use http://www.imcapture.com/IMCaptureforSkype/, i heard a lot of positive opinions about it!) but thanx)

  • United States Rem Devereux

    Rem Devereux

    lmfao 12 hours... ALOT more to go.

  • United States Bluestarrox97


    Now I'm at 23 hours 56 minutes

  • United States Bluestarrox97


    Now I'm at 20:43

  • United States Bluestarrox97


    Right now I'm at 12:42:47

  • United States Kaitlyn Herzog

    Kaitlyn Herzog

    What did you talk about for almost 112 hours?

  • United States Nicole Molinelli

    Nicole Molinelli

    You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder http://skyperec.com/ which seems quite stable. Well, at least it never let me down unlike other apps. Hope it'll help.

  • United States Dane Alleman

    Dane Alleman

    im pass like 150. does that mean i win?

  • United States Nuradin Abadayah

    Nuradin Abadayah

    me and my mates had 59 hours Fuck!

  • United States Kimberly Barton

    Kimberly Barton

    Right now my boyfriend and are currently at 18:33.45 on 2/11/12....

  • United States William Scott

    William Scott

    man, me and my friends didn't know there was a record but we had a for person 32 hour

  • United States Larisa Stanislavevna

    Larisa Stanislavevna

    Thats not the longest call. Just sayin. I've been on a call with someone for over 50 hours and I believe we have had a previous call way longer than that, only ended because I had to restart. Just sayin..

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