Are We Human, Or Are We Dancer? Robots Set A World Record

If you had 1,007 dancing robots and were at a beer festival, what would you do? Turn them into your own digital dance troupe, of course — now that’s a party.

Scientists at the Qingdao Beer Festival in China arranged over 1,000 dancing robots and piloted them through a sequence of coordinated moves to Alan Walker’s Faded, presumably while partaking of China’s favourite 5,000-year-old beverage in the process. The final totals were 1,007 robots dancing simultaneously for 60 seconds.

Are these dancing robots cheerful, or terrifying?

See if you can spot the 33 that fall down — I guess even a dancing robot can party a little too hard.

Inspired? Check out this record for the Most High Fives With A Robot.

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