They Set Out To Create The World's Longest Pizza.

It was the night that no one needed to order pizza in Naples, Italy.

Napoli Pizza Village set out on a mission to create the World’s Longest Pizza and managed, with the aid of 250 master chefs, 5 rolling ovens and 2.2 tons of flour, to outstrip the previous record by 1/16th of a mile.

World's Longest Pizza

The chefs and volunteers spent 11 hours making the serpentine slices along the Naples coastline. The toppings? A whopping 1,600 kg of tomato sauce and 2,000 kg of mozzarella — about the weight of an average rhinoceros, if you’re keeping score.

Rolling ovens -- a new takeout invention?

Check out footage from the day — it’s almost guaranteed to make you hungry.

And the leftovers once the World’s Longest Pizza was verified? Went to the Red Cross. That’s delicious *and* socially responsible.

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