This Guy Breaks A Land Speed Record -- In His Dad's Car

Danny Thompson is no stranger to eye-wateringly fast drives and world records.

His dad, Mickey Thompson, dreamed of smashing the land speed record and his achingly powerful Challenger prototypes looked set to do the job. Unfortunately, a series of mechanical issues and Mickey’s eventual murder at the hands of his business partner in 1988 saw that dream put on hold.

Until August 13th, 2016, that is. That’s when Danny Thompson stepped up to finish what his father started.

Danny Thompson, Reigning Speed Champion

The car? His father’s 1968 Challenger 2, something they’d planned on racing together. This, folks, is what you can do with a couple of nitro-burning Hemi V8s and 4,000 horsepower.

Danny Thompson Speed World Record

The result of this engineering wizardry? A blistering 411.191 mph run, followed by another 402 mph run for an average speed of 406.7 mph — just enough to break his father’s land speed record and write his name in history. This car is going twice as fast as a 747 at take-off. Wow.

Check out the dash cam from the world record run — it’s intense, and a totally fitting tribute to an American King of Speed:

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