This World Record Breaking Hoverboard Exists, And Could Change Travel Forever

Back to the Future came out in 1985. That means for the last 31 years, we’ve all been waiting to get our hands on that hoverboard technology, right?

There have been a few that come close. These water jet packs come close, and even Lexus made an attempt at the real deal. But Frankie Zapata’s world record breaking hoverboard has just left all of these in the dust.

Hoverboard takes flight

It’s six turbo engines and a backpack full of kerosene — so don’t expect it to be hitting shelves any time soon! — but it gets up to 10 minutes of flight, is capable of going up to 92.3 MPH, and powered Zapata Racing right to the world record for the furthest hoverboard flight of 2,200 meters.

Zapata and a hoverboard

Would you try riding this?

If you don’t have a jet-powered hoverboard, you can always check out these world records on the 2-wheeled version.

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