Inspiring Or Terrifying? Hafþór Björnsson’s World Record Toss

We love Hafþór Björnsson. He’s not just The Mountain, Gregor Clegane, on Game of Thrones — he’s an internationally acclaimed strongman, spokesman for HeavyBubbles™ (if you haven’t watched it yet, do), and has an irresistibly tiny dog.

He has a smol.

Björnsson isn’t a stranger to the world record scene, either. He’s already racked up a score of records thanks to his strongman talents, including besting Orm Storolfsson’s 1,000-year-old record set by carrying a 10m (33 ft) long, 650kg (1,430 lb) log for five steps. Yes, Hafþór Björnsson is out there beating records so legendary they’re featured in Viking sagas.

Breaking Ancient World Records Like It Isn't A Thing.

So what does Hafþór have in store for world record history now? True to form, it’s a big one — he launches a 33-lb loaded keg over a pole 23.5m high. And still had ‘plenty more in the tank” according to his Instagram post. Check out the record-breaking toss:

How can you not love a guy with all of that sheer power?

(We won’t ask Oberyn Martell.)

Watch out, Oberyn.

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