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Most People To Symbolically "End Cancer"

01:18 United States

During The University of Texas’ 40 Acres Fest,501 people symbolically “ended cancer.” Each participant was given a card that said “cancer” and asked to finish the sentence, symbolically “ending cancer.” The feat was led by the Texas 4000 bicycle team.

Largest Group of Social Workers, Interpreters And Nurses Stand Up Against Cancer In The Most Languages

00:24 United States

A group of 42 people composed of social workers, interpreters, and nurses, stand up against cancer in the most languages.

Most Hugs Against Cancer

02:25 United States

Melissa Owens embarked upon a personal goal to break a hugging record. She gave out 600 hugs during a flash mob at Portlandrsquo;s Pioneer Courthouse Square[]. Owensrsquo; hugging record was the fifth URDB record to be set by supporters of the OHSU AYA program at the Knight Cancer Institute[].

Most Young Adults To Give An Inspirational Message To Young Adults Facing Cancer

04:45 United States

UCLA Healthy Lives After Cancer, led by Chrystel Murrieta, set a record by getting 49 young adults to say an inspirational message on video to other young adults facing cancer. The video includes a stuffed animal saying an encouraging message, who wasn’t included in the final count.

Longest Standing Ovation For Cancer Survivors


The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute faculty and staff and AYA External Advisory Committee members stood and cheered without interruption in honor of the cancer survivors for one minute and 19.01 seconds.

Most People Shouting "Break Cancer" While Deploying Party Poppers

00:52 United States

A group of 63 people including young adult cancer survivors, nurses, doctors, friends and family of those with a cancer diagnosis shouted “Break Cancer” while using party poppers.

Most High-Fives In Recognition Of Quality Cancer Care


The Nurse Oncology Education Program nurses at Dallas, Texas gave each other a total of 232 high-fives in recognition of quality cancer care as part of the Break Cancer initiative.

Largest Online Support Community To Break Cancer

00:33 United States

Christi Disch set a world record by gathering 2,030 online support communities together to support Break Cancer.

Shortest Race to Break Cancer

01:11 United States

The NMDP Office of Patient Advocacy set a world record for the shortest race to break cancer, measuring six feet (72 inches).

Most "Smiling Cervixes" On A Cervical Cancer Survivor

00:17 United States

Christine Baze, a cervical cancer survivor, wore 166 “smiling cervixes” for Save The Hooch campaign of The Yellow Umbrella Organization.

Largest Group Of Young Adult Cancer Survivors To Make A Toast While Saying "Together We Will Break Cancer"


253 young adult cancer survivors from the Lurie Cancer Center gathered together and made a toast while saying “Together we will break cancer.”

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