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Tallest Penny Tower

United States Jacob Froats



  • response to previous attempt United States The Hub

    The Hub

    We just tried for an hour, no idea how you did this, but holy god, congrats.

  • response to previous attempt United States The Hub

    The Hub

    Tai Star, you're completely right, I dunno if there is a way to fix this? We thought it was 122, but than when we counted we got 132, this is why!.

  • response to previous attempt United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    That is 122 Pennies. The last five of the groups of 10 are only 8, reducing the count by 10 pennies from 132 to 122. . . Still got the record, Good Job

  • response to this attempt Scotland Rossy Boy

    Rossy Boy

    Well done jacob! Haha i had no idea this record was broke way back in january, i've just noticed and it's september! lol :D

    Ahh 2 coins more, looks like i'll have to get the pennies back out and try again!

    • response to this attempt United States Jacob Froats

      Jacob Froats

      Please do, i'd love for a reason to try this again, it was a fun night! haha

  • response to previous attempt

    Unfortunately no. I'll try to beat 90 and get a vid for that soon.

  • response to previous attempt Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Amazing feat. Do you have video evidence by any chance?

  • response to previous attempt United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    I wish the camera work was a little more steady. Hey Marc, next time get a friend to film your masterful feats.

  • response to previous attempt

    good luck peeps. this record is tough to break. a tip to future record setters: get new pennies. i think it will be much easier.

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