Fastest 1/4 Mile Racewalk Accompanied By A Dog With A Swahili Name

United States Art Hoffman


Louisville, Kentucky, United States / October 26, 2009

Art Hoffman completed a 1/4 mile racewalk with his dog Chenji in two minutes, 17.08 seconds. Chenji is a Swahilian name.

- must adhere to rules of racewalking
- must be attempted on a flat surface
- must only be attempted when temperature is moderate and traffic is light
- dog can have any Swahilian name
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  • response to this attempt United States Dave McGovern

    Dave McGovern

    Fail! You're not racewalking, Art!

    Dave McGovern 7x Olympic Racewalk Trials Competitor

  • response to this attempt

    Oooh, I hate to take Art's record from him, but, as a former nationally ranked Jr. Olympic racewalker -- not a fact I advertise all too frequently -- who has had her own issues with being disqualified for improper form, I know that in a real racewalking race he'd be disqualified for breaking both of the rules of racewalking: 1) he's lifting (meaning he doesn't have one foot on the ground at all times) and 2) his knee on his weighted leg isn't straight as his body weight passes over it. I don't think I'd deny the submission though, because Art is booking for 400 meters accompanied by a dog with a Swahili name. Ad that is something to be recognized and celebrated.

  • response to this attempt Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Dina, is it fair to say this isn't racewalking? Should we change the category from Racewalk to Jog, or flat out deny the submission?

  • response to this attempt

    What's Chenji mean in Swahili? Lifting? Bent knee? You're certainly doing both the whole 400 meters. And you're just plain jogging the second half. Despite Chenji's cuteness, I doubt you'd make it past any racewalking judges.

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