Shreveport, Louisiana, United States / July 30, 2009

Rev. Matthew Wayne Nunnery has created a ball of electrical tape weighing 340 pounds.

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  • response to this attempt United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Sounds awesome. What kind of tape? Submit it here, let's see if we can't get a competition going.

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    I know Guinness World Records consider any ball of tape to be the same regardless of the kind of tape used. I should know, my Tape Ball currently weights 620 Pounds. You can look it up (Scott Bartlett)

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    I wrapped a line of tape around one axis and then around the other axis to get the initial round shape after that its just adding more to the parts that are less round

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    Wow! I'm starting my own, because for my soccer shinguards we use electrical tape to hold them up. Any tips on how to make it circular?

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    It is all tape, I started just balling a little piece and then wrapping tape. It is a couple thousand rolls so far.

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    Is it all tape of does it have something in it?

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