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Largest Group To Meow "Lean On Me"

United States Argo High


Summit, Illinois, United States / February 16, 2012

Jeremy Daugherty and James Kantzavelos led a 265-person “meow” rendition of ’Lean On Me’. The people who sang with them are from Argo Community High School.

- every word must be substituted with a "meow"
- must complete entire song
- permissible to use karaoke version to sing along with
- ok to use meows of differing length

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  • response to this attempt United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    LOVE when unlikely records are broken. Woo! Argo High, what's next?

  • response to this attempt United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    I admit, I didn't think this would fall. I'll even overlook the one guy actually singing. I also admit, your high school is WAY cooler than mine.

  • response to previous attempt United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    My favorite record on URDB. If only I could give it a double thumbs up. Favorite moment: 2:27. He really channels that meow.

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