Most Grapes Fit In Closed Mouth

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Most Grapes Fit In Closed Mouth

United States Robert Edmonson

  • United States Hankl 4s1s

    Hankl 4s1s

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  • United States Hershel Reid

    Hershel Reid

    It wont fit if its close. colon cleanser

  • United States Monu Yogi

    Monu Yogi

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  • United States Mas Syukur

    Mas Syukur

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  • United States Yogesh Kumawat

    Yogesh Kumawat

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  • United States javi6112


    I think is weird how people try this kind of thing, I mean I would never consider doing this, he is the best though. Thanks for sharing this video, it was very weird to watch but I enjoyed it. look here

  • United States rdokoye


    That's an interesting record to attempt to break. I wonder what kind of accolades does one get for breaking a record, I'm pretty sure they are good. Because I've seen people attempt some really dangerous records and I've always wondered why someone would take such a risk. Personally, I'll just stick to what I know best.

  • United States Tobias Anderson

    Tobias Anderson

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  • United States dens


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  • United States halls


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  • United States sharon199


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    • United States lafseo


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  • United States Alexia Roze

    Alexia Roze

    i can do more

  • United States Sean Perkins

    Sean Perkins

    I just did 42

  • United States Em


    Hah! My cousin just put 32 grapes in his mouth closed! Just afew minutes ago!

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Thanks to Mr. Dan, Emily, MaAnn for liking my record. I fitted 22 more grapes in my closed mouth than current Guinness record holder.


  • United States Jonathan Kramer

    Jonathan Kramer

    Oh, it's on. I was out of town when you beat my record, but now we'll see who the grape eating champ is. May the best Floridian win.

  • wow savannah! i can put 24 too!!! barely.

  • u toatally was chewing them OMG

  • Savanna Koon you are awesome =)

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