Most Dice Stacked Using Dice Stacking Technique With A Pringles Container

United States Gold Member


Springfield, Illinois, United States / January 22, 2012

Gold Member stacked six dice using his specific dice stacking technique. He used an empty Pringles container for the technique.

- must stack six-sided dice one on top of each other, other formations such as pyramids or cubes are not permitted
- must use six-sided dice
- must use standard 5/8" dice
- must use an empty Pringles container
- must use dice stacking technique as demonstrated by the original record setter
- dice tower must hold for at least 10 seconds
- must use one dice technique only
- multiple towers not allowed
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must provide video evidence


  • Wales Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    love the outfit check mine out if you and me did a record it would look very strange? love this record i have got to give this a try

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