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Fastest Time To Complete Green Hill Zone Act 1 In "Sonic The Hedgehog"

United States Matt Lascola



  • United States Josh Jones

    Josh Jones

    This needs a reversal. game has been paused as he gives his introduction. Shows absolutely no gameplay other than being at the finish line...We have no idea if a glitch or any cheat was used.

  • United States ZepaeR


    my best time is 22.93, this guy starts wrong just like all you noobs. i cannot record my attempts but here is a screenshot of my time trials. played on a iphone 4

  • United States William


    excelente, mas acho que fui melhor, meu tempo é 24:63s vc fez o trajeto identico e no mesmo tempo q eu, exceto pelo ultimo salto após o túnel.

  • United States Michael Sroka

    Michael Sroka

    Use a sega genesis, lame.

  • United States Jam Williams

    Jam Williams!/photo.php?fbid=10200799753730710&id=1069207784&set=a.2002943627778.120181.1069207784&__user=1069207784

    I think this may be the record

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      Private page. Also, does that person have a video? If yes, ask them to please submit it to us.

  • United States MaturedSinner


    A good start towards trying to break this record is by watching Charles Griffin's Sonic 1 run on SDA. In it, he gets a time of 0:25 on this stage.

  • United States Andy Shick

    Andy Shick

    39 seconds? I've beaten that plenty of times.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    Why don't you try record another attempt?

  • United States Matt Lascola

    Matt Lascola

    Well, I beat it, and I'm glad. What sucks is right after this I decided to play this level again and got 27 seconds...

  • United States Michael Sroka

    Michael Sroka

    gonna beat this tonight.

  • United States Tyler Furman

    Tyler Furman

    The best advice I would give is know the level inside and out so you know the best times to jump and avoid wasting time because you hit a wall, rock, or a fish.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Tyler, any tips for people wanting to try and beat this record?

  • United States Stephen Kessler

    Stephen Kessler

    Sorry, for waving me hand in front of the camera near the end. I don't know what I was thinking lol

  • United States Ryan Soliwoda

    Ryan Soliwoda

    Could have shaved at least a second off if he hadn't hit that fish.

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