Most Burps In One Minute

Most Burps In One Minute

United States nikki webbder


City, Cambridgeshire, England / March 27, 2011

im a girl! burps 20?

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  • United States Eric Naberhaus

    Eric Naberhaus

    And I just beat it.

  • United States Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs

    My record I over 150 in a minute. To all u haters it's not fake!! I'm gonna beat this soon just u wait.

  • United States David Ian

    David Ian

    This is not a fake. It's disgusting but comendable, my record is about 120 which I did about 10 years ago, watch this space and I'll do 150. I think it's all about cicular breathing.

  • FAKE!!!!! ur just making sounds!!!!!! dork, what a liar..... get a life, cause im sure theres no job 4 fake burpers..... peace homy

  • I have 29.??????? burps in 15 seconds

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