Largest Boombox Collection

Brazil B. Box Original


São Paulo, Southeast, Brazil / October 10, 2009

A Brazilian crew of six friends (Danone, Rico, Foley, Soul Glow, Mr. Fe and Rooney) known as “B. Box Original” have a collection of 170 boomboxes.



  • United States David Niven

    David Niven

    were coming for ya 250 plus and the collection is growing the ddp will party in europe and you already apart of the cause

  • Brazil B. Box Original

    B. Box Original

    Sim com certeza é só vc entrar em contato com o URDB e pedir para postar as fotos que nós da B.Box enviamos ao site que você vai ver todos juntos !!! ou entre no site : nesta entrevista nós reunimos 140 da nossa coleção !!! más no total temos até mais que 170 boomboxes, de todos os tamanhos. B.boy Foley Original

  • oi cara, muito legal. mas vamos ver UMA foto que mostra todos os boomboxes.

  • now get them all on the same radio station and blast talk radio in a suburban neighborhood at 5 am on a sunday

  • how about most hand puppets? that should work...

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    I struggled to title this record. Are people OK with calling her creations 'animal characters'? Should the fact that both hands are used be a factor? Also: are her creations too subjective? What can we do to ensure a certain level of complexity from people who attempt to beat this record?

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