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Most American Quarters Balanced On Elbow And Caught

United States Kevin C. Murray



  • United States Aaron Gio

    Aaron Gio

    Read the rules. You have to catch every coin placed upon the elbow. Jimmy Thompson, nice try, doesn't count for squat.

  • United States Andreas Weaver

    Andreas Weaver

    Some coins were dropped you can hear it. Coins were not visible when counting.

  • United States Kevin C

    Kevin C

    Great job, Matt! And I'll be gunning for you soon... :)

  • Wasn't this an episode of Happy Days?

  • United States Kevin C. Murray

    Kevin C. Murray

    Good point. Once they get to a certain height, it's really hard to keep them balanced for long so I usually stack and go as fast as possible (it takes too damn long to pick them all up!).

  • Very impressive. Seeing a little more hang time before you drop your elbow would be a bonus.

  • That's "8all".

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