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Most Shirts Stuffed In A Shirt While Wearing It

03:59 United States

Scott J. stuffed 37 t-shirts inside a t-shirt while he wore it.

Most Hats Worn While Riding A Unicycle

00:51 United States

Brendan B. wore 30 hats while riding a unicycle.

Longest Time For Two People To Each Stand On One Leg While Holding Hands, Singing "Old MacDonald" And Wearing Three Hats

11:48 United States

Camm123 and his friend stood on one leg for 10 minutes, 11.25 seconds while singing and wearing three hats. They held hands throughout the attempt.

Most Lab Coats Worn At Once

02:02 United States

Leidamarie's friend wore 13 lab coats at once.

Most Glo-Stick Hoops Worn At Once

United States

At Asa H’s Bar Mitzvah party, Theo F. wore 18 Glo-Stick hoops at once. #AsaBarMitzvah

Most Sports Jerseys Worn At Once

01:48 United States

Halk wore 16 sports jerseys at once.

Most Consecutive One-Armed Clapping Push-Ups While Wearing A Boxing Glove

01:51 France

Guillaume B. completed 46 consecutive one-armed clapping push-ups wearing a boxing glove

Most Mardi Gras Beads Worn At Once While Wearing A Tiara

02:33 United States

Susan T. wore 34 sets of Mardi Gras beads at once while wearing a tiara.

Fastest Time To Run Down An Up Escalator While Wearing An Indian Costume And Holding A Red Balloon

00:10 Belgium

Wearing an Indian costume and holding a red balloon, Schacht N. ran down an up escalator in 7.56 seconds.

Most Hats Worn And Removed In 14 Seconds

00:28 Belgium

Schacht10 wore and removed 19 hats in 14 seconds.

Most Pairs Of Socks Worn At Once

04:22 Belgium

VTKlustrum wore 22 pairs of socks at once.

Most Military Dog Tags Worn At Once

18:13 United States

10-year-old Jared Owens wore 147 military dog tags at once. He set the record in cooperation with A Song for Life Sarcoidosis Foundation to honor sarcoidosis sufferers and to raise awareness about funding and research.

Most T-Shirts Worn At Once

14:32 United States

Raisng funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Tom Rauen wore 247 t-shirts at once. Read more about the event here.

Farthest Distance To Toss A Sombrero While Wearing A Sombrero On Head

01:41 United States

Brian Pankey tossed a sombrero a distance of 19 feet, 10 inches (238 inches) while wearing a sombrero on his head.

Most Evian Baby T-shirts Put On In 30 Seconds

00:40 United States

Indira Cristin put on eight evian baby t-shirts in 30 seconds. The record was set during evian's Live Young, Skate On! event in Miami, Florida. #evianwater

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