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Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On A Water Bottle

06:18 Canada

Doug McManaman assembled a ketchup packet tower on a water bottle that reached 19 packets in height.

Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On Top Of A Two-Liter Bottle Filled With Water

01:13 United States

Brian Pankey completed 57 consecutive bounces of a table tennis ball on top of a two-liter bottle filled with water.

Longest Time Brushing Teeth

40:19 United States

Ginger Hume brushed her teeth for 40 minutes, 00.10 seconds.

Most Water Balanced On One Finger

01:12 United States

Brian Pankey balanced 3.02 gallon of water on one finger.

Most Water Lifted Using A Swallowed Sword

00:22 United States

Dan Meyer swallowed a sword and used it to lift a bucket containing five liters of water. He lifted a total of 5.14 kilograms for 5.63 seconds using the sword. He performed the feat during the Hyderabad City Fest. NOTE: Sword swallowing is dangerous, please do not attempt these records without proper training, supervision and safety precautions.

Most Back Flips During A Single Diving Board Dive

00:13 United States

Maegan Butler took a single dive off of a diving board, performing 2.5 back flip rotations before entering the water.

Longest Time To Balance A Glass Of Water On Top Of A 10-Foot, 2-Inch Pole On Chin

04:38 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a glass of water on top of a pole measuring 10 feet, 2 inches for 16.10 seconds. The pole was balanced on his chin throughout the attempt.

Fastest Time To Fill An Empty Wine Bottle With Water From Another Bottle

02:15 Canada

Doug McManaman filled an empty wine bottle with water from another bottle in 50.34 seconds.

Fastest Time To Swallow A Pill With Water

08:28 United States

Will Thomas swallowed a pill in 2.40 seconds using water.

Most Clothed People To Jump Into A Pool At The Same Time

United States

Nick Hoefly and 16 of his family and friends simultaneously jumped into a swimming pool while wearing their usual clothes.

Most Women To Spit Water In Someone's Face During A Candlelight Dinner In One Minute

01:24 United States

Anthony Carboni had water spit in his face by six different women in one minute during a candlelight dinner. Carboni set the feat at The Purple Onion in San Francisco during a RecordSetter LIVE! event. RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson officiated the attempt.

Most Yogasanas Performed While Floating In Water

01:46 India

Mathew Cherian performed 30 yogasanas while floating in water.

Fastest Time To Put A Dime Into Two Full Glasses Of Water Using A Butter Knife


Doug McManaman put a dime into two glasses filled with water using a butter knife in 6.62 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance An Egg On Top Of A Coke Bottle Filled With Water On Forehead

04:06 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced an egg on top of a Coke bottle filled with water on his forehead for two minutes, 48.76 seconds.

Fastest Time To Remove 30 Hot Dogs From A Bucket Of Ice Water Using Feet

01:41 United States

Hannah Mansour removed 30 hot dogs from a bucket of ice water in 54.64 seconds using only her feet.

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