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Fastest Time To Recite All 50 United States In Alphabetical Order

00:19 United States

Myralee H. recited all 50 US states in alphabetical order in 13.87 seconds.

Most 1980s Movies Named In 30 Seconds

00:48 United States

João T. named 32 movies from the 1980’s in 30 seconds.

Most Times Saying "Viva La Mexico" In 10 Seconds

00:45 United States

Amanda M. said "Viva La Mexico" 15 times in 10 seconds.

Longest Time Saying "We Are Paramore"

01:02 United States

Ben C. took 14.93 seconds to say "We are Paramore."

Fastest Time To Recite 100 Digits Of Pi In A Prius

00:19 United States

Samuel Lamphier recited the first 100 digits of Pi in a Prius in 12.65 seconds.

Fastest Time To Recite Classic Korean Letters

06:55 South Korea

85-year-old Eok-gun Oh recited 3,304 classic Korean letters in five minutes, 57.03 seconds from his memory. He studied and memorized classic Asian characters to prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

Most Digits Of Tau Recited

1:13:49 United States

Ethan Brown recited 2,012 digits of Tau from memory. He set the record to raise money for the Bethel Public Library. Learn more about the feat here.

Most People Saying "We Love Majors Pizza" At Once

00:7 United States

Chris R. led 53 people to say "We Love Majors Pizza" at once.

Most Disney Movies Named In 10 Seconds

01:03 England

Katie Harwood named 21 Disney movies in 10 seconds.

Fastest Time To Say First 100 Digits Of Pi With Eyes Closed

00:28 Singapore

Cheong Siong recited the first 100 digits of Pi with his eyes closed in 9.41 seconds.

Most Times Saying "I Don't Like Pickles" In 12 Seconds

01:45 United States

Ian M. said I don't like pickles 29 times in 12 seconds.

Fastest Time To Read The Opening Crawl Of "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" In Pig Latin

01:15 United States

A member of TV Camp recited the opening crawl of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in Pig Latin in 46.20 seconds.

Most Times Saying Egg In 12 Seconds

00:49 United States

Ian M. said egg 67 times in 12 seconds.

Fastest Time To Name 10 Paramore Songs

00:19 United States

Viktor O. named 10 Paramore songs in 3.67 seconds.

Fastest Time To Name All James Bond Movies In Chronological Order

00:40 United States

Rob Wilkinson named all 22 of theJames Bondfilms in chronological order in 9.93 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

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