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    Most Alternating-Side Bounces Of A Shuttlecock On A Table Tennis Paddle

    Suresh Gaur bounced a shuttlecock on a table tennis paddle 107 consecutive times, alternating paddle sides between each bounce.

    Jun 22 SureshGaur India
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    Most American Quarters Spun At Once

    TJ spun 16 American quarters at once.

    Jun 20 TJJansen 5 comments United States
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    Heaviest Dumbbell Inclined Bench Press (Athlete Over 45 Years Old)

    Thommy performed inclined bench press reps using two dumbbells weighing a total of 138.4 pounds. He is over 45 years old.

    Jun 24 ThommySweden 1 comment Sweden
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    Longest Time Balancing A Door On Chin

    Keith H. balanced a door on his chin for 51.53 seconds.

    Jun 15 KeithHolland 1 comment United States
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    Longest Time Balancing Banana On Finger

    Thommy balanced a banana on his finger for two minutes, 42.81 seconds.

    Jun 28 ThommySweden 8 comments Sweden
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    Most Hockey Pucks Balanced On Back Of Hand

    Peter Durdik balanced 29 hockey pucks on the back of his hand.

    Jun 28 PeterDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Dum Dum Pops Fit In Mouth

    Cassie U. fit 29 Dum Dum Pops in her mouth. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt... (more)

    Jun 28 CassieUrry 2 comments United States
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    Largest Plastic Cup Triangle Stacked On Arm

    Suresh Gaur stacked a plastic cup triangle using 21 cups on his arm.

    Jun 28 SureshGaur 2 comments India
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    Most Table Tennis Balls Fit In Mouth

    Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya fit seven table tennis balls in his mouth at once. WARNING: Stuffing things in mouth can be dangerous.... (more)

    Jun 17 DineshShivnathUpadhyaya 1 comment India
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    Longest Side Plank

    Rio R. held a side plank for three minutes, 33.50 seconds.

    Jun 28 RioRodriguez 2 comments United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Bowling Ball On Top Of A Pole On Right Ear While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced a bowling ball on top of a pole on his right ear for 27.68 seconds while kneeling.

    Jun 28 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Tennis Ball Bounces On Two Wine Bottles While Standing On One Foot

    Mark Evans bounced a tennis ball 239 times alternately on two wine bottles while standing on his right foot.

    Jun 28 markowen Wales
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On Two Wine Bottles

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball 664 times alternately on two wine bottles.

    Jun 28 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Wall Sit While Holding 3.2-Kilogram And 4.5-Kilogram Sledgehammers In Each Hand At Arm's Length

    William Cannon performed a wall sit while holding a 3.2-kilogram and a 4.5-kilogram sledgehammer at arm's length in each hand for... (more)

    Jun 28 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Most Pistol Squats Performed On Top Of A Person

    Silvio Sabba performed 18 pistol squats on top of a person.

    Jun 23 SilvioSabba 3 comments Italy
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    Fastest Time To Perform 500 Keepie Uppies With Knees

    Laurent Kelly performed 500 keepie uppies using his knees in three minutes, 45.15 seconds.

    Jun 21 LaurentKelly 2 comments England
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    Longest Time Balancing An Umbrella On Forehead While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced an umbrella on his forehead for one minute, 54.03 seconds while kneeling.

    Jun 21 DougMcManaman 2 comments Canada
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    Most Basketball Dribbles Between Legs In 30 Seconds

    Colin L. dribbled a basketball between his legs 88 times in 30 seconds.

    Jun 20 Colinlee United States
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    Most People Wearing Inflatable T-Rex Costumes While Trying Out Yellow Vehicles

    John and two of his friends wore inflatable T-Rex costumes while trying out yellow vehicles.

    Jun 22 JohnnysTube United States