1. #24

    Most Behind-The-Back Throws While Juggling Three Basketballs

    Audi T. performed 39 behind-the-back throws while juggling three basketballs.

    Jun 27 AudiThoele 8 comments United States
  2. #25

    Most Head Dips In One Minute While Holding A Peacock Pose

    Shubham P. completed 140 head dips in one minute while holding a peacock pose.

    Jun 27 shubhamPotdar 1 comment India
  3. #26

    Highest Score In "Batty Bat" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 47 points in Batty Bat.

    Jun 27 JosephKenneally Ireland
  4. #27

    Longest Time Holding A Lotus Pose While Balancing Using Hands

    Shubham P. held a lotus pose while balancing on his hands for one minute, 8.14 seconds.

    Jun 27 shubhamPotdar 1 comment India
  5. #28

    Longest Time Blowing Milk Bubbles

    Faith and two of her friends blew bubbles from a glass of milk for two minutes, 4.45 seconds.

    Jun 20 FaithLombardi 14 comments United States
  6. #29

    Highest Score In "2048: Pokemon Edition" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 16,092 points in 2048: Pokemon Edition.

    Jun 26 JosephKenneally Ireland
  7. #30

    Largest Hotel Key Card Collection

    Parker D. has 540 hotel key cards in his collection.

    Jun 25 ParkerDonaldson 24 comments United States
  8. #31

    Fastest Time To Pull A Car Five Meters Using Teeth While Hopping Barefoot On One Foot Through Broken Glass

    Silvio S. pulled a car five meters using only his teeth in 45.17 seconds, while hopping barefoot on one foot through broken... (more)

    Jun 20 SilvioSabba 4 comments Italy
  9. #32

    Most Lit Candles Extinguished By Farting

    Gerard J. extinguished five lit candles by farting.

    Jun 17 GerardJessie 2 comments Philippines
  10. #33

    Most Six-Fingered Push-Ups On Concrete Floor

    Mohsin H. completed 27 six-fingered push-ups on a concrete floor.

    Jun 24 mohsinh335 India
  11. #34

    Most Consecutive Waboba Flyer Volleys

    Landon and his friend completed 146 consecutive Waboba Flyer volleys.

    Jun 23 LandonNichols 5 comments United States
  12. #35

    Most Consecutive Basketball Shots Made While Juggling Three Basketballs

    Audi T. made 16 consecutive basketball shots while juggling three basketballs.

    Jun 23 AudiThoele 7 comments United States
  13. #36

    Most Somersaults Performed On A Beach

    A member of Barrelrollman Organization performed 17 somersaults on a beach. The Barrelrollman Organization was formed to raise... (more)

    Jun 23 Barrelrollman 1 comment United States
  14. #37

    Longest Time Balancing A Cake With 70 Lit Candles On Chin While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced a cake with 70 lit candles on his chin for one minute, 15.84 seconds while kneeling. He set the record to... (more)

    Jun 10 DougMcManaman 7 comments Canada
  15. #38

    Longest Time Blowing Milk Bubbles

    J. O'Hare blew bubbles from a glass of milk for three minutes, 35.50 seconds.

    Jun 27 johare 14 comments United States
  16. #39

    Farthest Distance Achieved In "Monkey Kick Off" (Online)

    achieved a distance of 4,361 meters in Monkey Kick Off.

    Jun 27 ElijahAdams2 United States
  17. #40

    Fastest Time To Perform 104 Push-Ups

    Mohsin H. performed 104 push-ups in one minute, 22.17 seconds.

    Jun 27 mohsinh335 India
  18. #41

    Fastest Time To Complete Five Forward And Backward Somersaults

    Isaac F. completed five forward and backward somersaults in 10.99 seconds.

    Jun 27 Fantasio United States
  19. #42

    Most Consecutive Times Saying "God Bless America"

    Sam S. said "God Bless America" 61 consecutive times.

    Jun 19 SamSwinnerton 2 comments United States