1. #27

    Furthest Mini Basketball Shot Into A Mini Basketball Hoop While Blindfolded

    Jack S. made a successful mini basketball shot into a mini basketball hoop 13 feet away while blindfolded.

    May 24 JackShoniker1 Canada
  2. #28

    Most Fish Drawn In One Minute

    Cullan M. drew 65 fishes in one minute.

    May 24 CullanMorrissey Northern Ireland
  3. #29

    Fastest Time To Perform A "The Rollout" Card Flourish

    Brandon Gear completed a "The Rollout" card flourish in 1.67 seconds.

    May 24 BrandonGear 2 comments United States
  4. #30

    Most Tennis Ball Bounces On A Miniature Wine Bottle

    Suresh Gaur bounced a tennis ball on a miniature wine bottle 1,188 times.

    May 24 SureshGaur India
  5. #31

    Most Volts Used To Ignite Fire Breath

    FenyxFyre used a one-million volt stun baton to ignite fire breath. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do... (more)

    May 19 FenyxFyre Canada
  6. #32

    Fastest Time To Topple An Empty Plastic Bottle By Farting

    Gerard Jessie toppled an empty plastic bottle by farting in 0.53 second.

    May 19 GerardJessie Philippines
  7. #33

    Most Successful Backward Free Throws Made In One Minute

    Tate J. made 10 successful backward free throws in one minute.

    May 15 tatejones 1 comment United States
  8. #34

    Fastest Two-Person Row Across The North Sea

    Perfecto Sanchez and Greg Maud rowed across the North Sea in 45 hours, 22 minutes. They set the record to benefit Mission Blue... (more)

    May 18 PerfectoSanchez 1 comment United States
  9. #35

    Longest Time Spinning Two Basketballs In A Kayak

    Andrew T. spun two basketballs for 21.00 seconds while in a kayak.

    May 18 AndrewToft 2 comments United States
  10. #36

    Fastest Time To Stop A Box Fan With Head

    Brad Byers stopped a box fan with his head in 1.13 seconds. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    May 11 BradByers United States
  11. #37

    Most Curls Of A Spinning Basketball In 30 Seconds

    Brendan Kelbie curled a spinning basketball nine times in 30 seconds.

    May 11 Demythrate 6 comments Australia
  12. #38

    Longest Time Balancing A Soccer Ball On Head While Seated

    Laurent Kelly balanced a soccer ball on his head for 52.19 seconds while seated.

    May 15 LaurentKelly England
  13. #39

    Most Tailwhips On A Scooter In One Minute

    Scott S. performed 38 tailwhips using a scooter in one minute.

    May 15 ScottStevens United States
  14. #40

    Tallest Vertical Tissue Box Tower Balanced On Forehead While Seated On The Floor

    Brendan Kelbie balanced three tissue boxes on his forehead while seated on the floor.

    May 23 Demythrate Australia
  15. #41

    Longest Time Hanging On A Pull-Up Bar (Junior)

    Gabe hung on a pull-up bar for one minute, 58.93 seconds.

    May 23 Gaberston 1 comment United States
  16. #42

    Most Wasabi Nuts Fit In Mouth

    Kirsten's friend, Evelien, fit 25 wasabi nuts in her mouth. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    May 23 KirstenOmwal Belgium
  17. #43

    Most Spinning Fidget Spinners Stacked In A Tower

    Marcus B. stacked four spinning fidget spinners in a tower.

    May 23 MarcusBrims Australia
  18. #44

    Longest Foam Airplane Flown

    Charles Stevens and his friends constructed and flew a foam airplane four meters in length.

    May 17 CharlesStevens South Africa
  19. #45

    Fastest Time To Eat Five Cadbury Melts

    Sergio C. ate five Cadbury Melts in 7.72 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this... (more)

    May 17 SergioCookiedough 1 comment Australia