1. #29

    Fastest 400-Meter Keepie Uppie

    Laurent K. ran 400 meters in two minutes, 8.82 seconds while playing keepie uppie with a football.

    Apr 03 LaurentKelly 2 comments England
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    Most Consecutive Underwater Somersaults

    Caleb H. completed 17 underwater somersaults in a pool using just one breath. NOTE: Holding your breath underwater is dangerous.... (more)

    Apr 03 CalebHurt 5 comments United States
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    Heaviest Flaming Cinder Block Suspended On Ears

    Corey R. suspended a flaming 24-pound cinder block on his ears. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Apr 07 CoreyRidge United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Mechanical Dancing Man On Chin While Listening To A Fiddle Tune

    Doug McManaman balanced a mechanical dancing man on his chin for two minutes, 14.00 seconds while listening to a fiddle tune.

    Apr 07 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Crunches In 15 Seconds While Balancing Egg On Spoon In Mouth

    Petr J. completed eight crunches in 15 seconds while balancing an egg on spoon in his mouth.

    Apr 09 petr7555 Czech Republic
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    Longest Time Balancing An Egg On Top Of A Ball-peen Hammer On Chin While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced an egg on top of a ball-peen hammer on his chin for one minute, 7.75 seconds while kneeling.

    Apr 09 DougMcManaman Canada
  7. #35

    Most Aerial Cartwheels In 30 Seconds

    Eagle Jaber performed 30 aerial cartwheels in 30 seconds.

    Apr 03 eaglejaber 2 comments Egypt
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    Longest Full Back Lever Hold

    Bob B. performed a full back lever hold for 43.53 seconds.

    Mar 31 Bar-barian Czech Republic
  9. #37

    Most Reps One-Board Bench Pressing A 415-Pound Barbell

    Clint Poore completed five reps one-board bench pressing a 415-pound barbell.

    Mar 30 ClintPoore 1 comment United States
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    Most Behind-The-Back Frisbee Catches In 30 Seconds

    Justin B. completed 33 behind-the-back Frisbee catches in 30 seconds.

    Apr 01 JustinBereczki 2 comments Canada
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    Most Handshakes With A Lizard In 30 Seconds

    Joe H. exchanged 86 handshakes with his pet bearded dragon, Smaug.

    Apr 01 JoeHarris1 United States
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    Longest Basketball Putt Into A Garbage Can

    While hosting an episode of RecordSetter Kids, Sierra Neudeck putted a basketball into a garbage can five feet, a RecordSetter... (more)

    Apr 03 SierraNeudeck United States
  13. #41

    Most Catches Juggling Three Clubs In A Cascade Pattern While Riding On A Skateboard In Primo And Balancing On A Rola Bola

    Root Berry completed 85 catches juggling three clubs in a cascade pattern while riding a skateboard in primo and balancing a rola... (more)

    Mar 31 RootBerry 10 comments United States
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    Most Reps One-Board Bench Pressing A 445-Pound Barbell

    Clint Poore completed two reps one-board bench pressing a 445-pound barbell.

    Mar 31 ClintPoore United States
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    Most Bites Taken Out Of Three Apples In 30 Seconds While Juggling Them

    Gaston took 104 consecutive bites of three apples in 30 seconds while juggling. He set the record during the 2015 Swedish... (more)

    Mar 18 Gaston 13 comments Sweden
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    Most Consecutive 360 Flips On A Skateboard

    Sidney A. completed seven consecutive 360 flips on a skateboard. The final flip wasn't counted, as Sidney did not land cleanly.

    Mar 27 SidneyArakaki 4 comments Brazil
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    Heaviest Raw One-Board Bench Press (Athlete Under 240 Lbs.)

    Clint Poore raw bench pressed one board weighing 470 pounds. Clint's body weight at the time of the attempt was 230 pounds.

    Mar 27 ClintPoore United States
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    Fastest Time To Finish A Single Game Of Checkers

    Grant Fikes and Bo Green finished a game of checkers in 20.98 seconds.

    Apr 06 GrantFikes 5 comments United States
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    Longest Time Balancing Two Clubs On Chin

    Jay B. balanced one juggling club on top of another and balanced both clubs on his chin for three minutes, 29.50 seconds.

    Apr 02 JayBraggart1 2 comments United States