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    Longest Time Juggling Five Soccer Balls

    Waldemar I. juggled five soccer balls for two minutes, 32.90 seconds.

    Nov 06 WaldemarIsidro 4 comments Spain
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    Most Wrist Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

    David M. performed 26 wrist push-ups in 30 seconds.

    Nov 12 DavidMaze 1 comment Lithuania
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    Most Pogo Stick Jumps By A 10-Year-Old

    Ewan Chate jumped on a pogo stick 13,057 times. He is 10 years old.

    Nov 05 EwanChate 32 comments Australia
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    Longest Time Holding A Candied Pineapple Between Two Noses

    Logan and Kennedy held a candied pineapple between their noses for two minute, 33.81 seconds.

    Nov 17 LoganHenry1 1 comment United States
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    Tallest Coin Tower Used To Perform A Pistol Squat

    Silvio Sabba performed a pistol squat on top of a column of 60 coins.

    Nov 20 SilvioSabba 3 comments Italy
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    Longest Time Holding Apple Between Teeth

    Kurt G. held an apple between his teeth for 30 minutes, 0.05 second.

    Nov 20 KurtGriffin United States
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    Longest Wall Sit Whil Carrying A 30-Pound Weight On Back

    William Cannon performed a wall sit for seven minutes, 44.46 seconds while carrying a 30-pound weight on his back.

    Nov 17 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Fastest Antisune OLL Case On A 3x3 Rubik's Cube

    Erik M. performed an Antisune OLL Case on a 3x3 Rubik's cube in 0.72 second.

    Nov 20 ErikMartin United States
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    Most Weight Bench Pressed With Free Weight And Bowflex Added

    Timtothy R. bench pressed 1,070.5-pound weight with free weight and Bowflex added.

    Nov 20 TimtothyRoger United States
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    Longest Wall Sit While Carrying A 30-Pound Weight On Lap And Holding A 22.5-Pound Weight On Head

    William Cannon performed a wall sit for 11 minutes, 4.37 seconds while carrying a 30-pound weight on his lap and holding a... (more)

    Nov 20 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Most Hindu Push-Ups In Five Minutes

    Haridasu Ramesh Kumar performed 165 Hindu push-ups in five minutes.

    Nov 20 rameshkumar India
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    Longest Wall Sit While Carrying A 132.5-Pound Weight On Back

    William Cannon performed a wall sit for two minutes, 37.84 seconds while carrying a 132.5-pound weight on his back.

    Nov 20 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Highest Score In "Secrets of the Past: Level 117" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 72,540 points in Secrets of the Past: Level 117.

    Nov 20 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most RecordSetter T-Shirts Worn At Once

    Clint Poore wore three RecordSetter t-shirts at once.

    Nov 02 ClintPoore United States
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    Most Dominoes Blown Over With A Single Breath

    Richard W. blew over 55 upright dominoes with a single breath.

    Nov 16 RichardWilson England
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    Heaviest Deadlift (Athlete Under 125 Pounds)

    Nick G. performed a 400-pound deadlift. His body weight during the attempt was 119 pounds.

    Nov 16 NickGilmore 5 comments United States
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    Longest Time Juggling A Juggling Ring, A Juggling Club, And A Juggling Ball (Junior)

    Justin L. juggled a juggling ring, a juggling club and a juggling ball for four minutes, 44.39 seconds.

    Nov 13 JustinLanders 1 comment United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Baseball Bat On Right Foot

    Doug McManaman balanced a baseball bat on his right foot for six minutes, 28.32 seconds

    Nov 11 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Regulation-Length Basketball Court Football Passes In One Minute

    Joe Overton and his friend threw 17 complete passes using a football the full length of a regulation basketball court in one... (more)

    Nov 11 JoeOverton United States