1. #32

    Loudest Finger Snap

    David T. snapped his finger that reached 83 decibels loud.

    Apr 15 DavidTuray 1 comment United States
  2. #33

    Most Consecutive 'Perfect Push-Ups'

    Alexander L. completed 150 perfect push-ups in a row.

    Apr 15 AlexanderLipay 11 comments United States
  3. #34

    Most "RecordSetter Book Of World Records" Records Broken

    Tai Star broke six records featured in The RecordSetter Book of World Records.

    Apr 15 TaiStar 4 comments United States
  4. #35

    Longest Leg Hold

    T-Bone held her leg upward and stayed in the position for four minutes, 10.38 seconds.

    Apr 14 TBone 6 comments United States
  5. #36

    Longest Time Holding A Toe Squat

    Suresh G. performed a toe squat for two minutes, 12.42 seconds.

    Apr 14 SureshGaur 5 comments India
  6. #37

    Longest Time Balancing A Wooden Bar On A Golf Ball Held In Hand

    Tai Star balanced a wooden bar on a golf ball held in his hand for 18 minutes, 18.18 seconds.

    Apr 14 TaiStar 4 comments United States
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    Longest Time Holding A Toe Squat

    Tai Star performed a toe squat for one minute, 36.61 seconds.

    Apr 07 TaiStar 5 comments United States
  8. #39

    Most Consecutive Sideways "Around The World" Yo-yo Tricks

    Billy O. performed 20 consecutive sideways Around the World yo-yo tricks.

    Apr 10 BillyO United States
  9. #40

    Most Potatoes Held In Hand

    Tai Star held 16 potatoes in his right hand at once.

    Apr 10 TaiStar 8 comments United States
  10. #41

    Longest Time Holding The Crow Pose

    Tai Star held a yoga crow pose for three minutes, 30.10 seconds.

    Apr 14 TaiStar 3 comments United States
  11. #42

    Most Times Pressing The Lap Button On An iPad Stopwatch In 10 Seconds

    Sasha pressed the lap button on her iPad stopwatch 83 times in 10 seconds.

    Apr 14 Sasha3 1 comment United States
  12. #43

    Most Digits Of Pi Carved Into An Apple

    Alex C. carved 128 digits of Pi into an apple.

    Mar 31 AlexCunningham 6 comments United States
  13. #44

    Longest Time Balancing On Knees While Holding A Lotus Pose

    Suresh G. balanced on his knees for three minutes, 22.21 seconds while holding a lotus pose.

    Apr 09 SureshGaur 2 comments India
  14. #45

    Longest Time Balancing 28 Golf Balls On One Finger

    Doug McManaman balanced 28 golf balls on top of a pole on his finger for five minutes, 30.58 seconds.

    Apr 09 DougMcManaman 1 comment Canada
  15. #46

    Most Catches Juggling Four Knives While Balancing A Sword On A Knife Held In Mouth

    Thom Wall completed six catches juggling four knives while balancing a sword on a knife held in his mouth. WARNING: This record... (more)

    Apr 02 ThomWall1 1 comment United States
  16. #47

    Most Rotations With Legs Behind Head

    Aloysiustsk completed 36 rotations with his legs behind his head.

    Mar 24 Aloysiustsk 2 comments United States
  17. #48

    Youngest English Inspirational Talk Show Host

    Aasna Singh hosted Youth & Development, a youth inspirational television show in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is 13 years old.

    Apr 05 AasnaSingh 19 comments Nepal
  18. #49

    Longest Time Balancing 28 Golf Balls On Right Ear While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced 28 golf balls on top of a pole on his right ear for 24.48 seconds while kneeling.

    Apr 08 DougMcManaman Canada
  19. #50

    Longest Time Balancing Two Hammers On Right Thumb

    Doug McManaman balanced two hammers on his right thumb for three minutes, 25.80 seconds.

    Apr 08 DougMcManaman Canada