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    Most Consecutive Rally Hits On One Side Of A Table Tennis Table

    Matt P. completed 1,230 consecutive rally hits on a single side of a table tennis table.

    Jun 29 MattParsons United States
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    Longest Time Walking On Hands

    Sun M. walked on his hands for one minute, 32.59 seconds.

    Jun 19 Sunmacwan1 14 comments India
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    Longest Distance Travelled While Limbo Dancing On Roller Skates

    Little Rithika traveled 60 meters while limbo dancing on roller skates. She remained under six-inch bars for the duration of the... (more)

    Jun 19 LittleRithika 2 comments India
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    Most Keepie Uppie Knee Touches Using A Tennis Ball

    Laurent K. performed 134 keepie uppie knee touches using a tennis ball.

    Jun 26 LaurentKelly England
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    Longest Time Juggling A Pair Of Socks, A Yo-Yo And A Small Toy While Holding A Banana In Mouth

    Billy O. juggled a pair of socks, a yo-yo, and a small toy for 38.20 seconds while holding a banana in his mouth.

    Jun 30 BillyOakley United States
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    Most Computer Screen Slaps On Head In 30 Seconds

    Jack L. slapped his head with a computer screen 86 times in 30 seconds.

    Jun 30 JackLanhardt United States
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    Fastest "Sexy Move" Algorithm Method On A 3x3 Rubik's Cube

    Kevin M. performed a "sexy move" algorithm method on a 3x3 Rubik's cube in 3.53 seconds.

    Jun 30 KevinMin United States
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    Most Car Brands Identified By A 2.5-Year Old

    Balambigai M. identified 20 car brands. He is two and a half years old.

    Jun 30 balambigaim India
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    Fastest Time To Run 100 Meters In "Minecraft" (PC)

    Noor M. ran 100 meters in Minecraft in 0.85 second.

    Jun 30 NoorMurad2 Canada
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    Heaviest Raw One-Board Bench Press (Athlete Under 240 Lbs.)

    Clint Poore raw bench pressed one board weighing 480 pounds. Clint's body weight at the time of the attempt was 233 pounds.

    Jun 24 ClintPoore United States
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    Longest Tennis Rally While Playing Drums

    Carlos Santos rallied a tennis ball 189 times while playing drums. He set the record in association with Beat Parental Alienation... (more)

    Jun 26 CarlosSantos 5 comments Portugal
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    Most Expensive Soba Dish

    Online marketplace Groupon Japan partnered with Chef Mario Frittoli in creating the most expensive soba dish. The dish contains... (more)

    Jun 26 GrouponJapan Japan
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    Most Aerial Peanut Claps

    Joey Krueger tossed a peanut in the air and clapped 14 times before catching it, a RecordSetter.com World Record. He set the... (more)

    Jun 23 JoeyKrueger 1 comment United States
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    Most Stuffed Animals Held At Once

    Molly B. held 55 stuffed animals at once.

    Jun 29 MollyBuffenbarger 5 comments United States
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    Longest Time Balancing 20 Wine Glasses On Forehead

    Doug McManaman balanced 20 wine glasses on his forehead for 10 minutes, 36.48 seconds.

    Jun 29 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Pieces Of Gum Chewed At Once

    Lester C. chewed 250 pieces of gum at once. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be dangerous. Please do not attempt this record... (more)

    Jun 29 LesterCock 13 comments United States
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    Fastest Time For Two People To Hug 10 Times

    Matthew and his friend hugged each other 10 times in 1.48 seconds.

    Jun 29 MatthewJackson 4 comments United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Basketball On Top Of A Wand On Pinky Finger

    Mark Evans balanced a basketball on top of a wand on his pinky finger for two minutes, 19.76 seconds.

    Jun 29 markowen 1 comment Wales
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    Largest Group To Lie Down And Spell "NUTS"

    Chandler and six of her friends lied down and spelled "NUTS" with their bodies, a RecordSetter.com World Record. They set the... (more)

    Jun 23 MrPeanut 1 comment United States