1. #8

    Highest Score In Zen Mode Of "Fruit Ninja"

    Jonah P. earned 1,386 points in Fruit Ninja. The game was set to Zen Mode.

    Dec 27 JonahPayne 24 comments United States
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    Most Pairs Of Glasses Worn At Once

    Logan B. wore 46 pairs of glasses at once.

    Dec 22 LoganBynum 10 comments United States
  3. #10

    Longest Time Balancing A Giant Candy Cane On Thumb

    Doug McManaman balanced a giant candy cane on his thumb for one minute, 49.31 seconds.

    Dec 22 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest Time Spinning Three Fidget Spinners In One Hand

    Pavol Durdik spun three fidget spinners with one hand for three minutes, 15.00 seconds.

    Dec 20 PavolDurdik 5 comments Slovakia
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    Longest Redstone Line In "Minecraft"

    Jacky B. created a redstone line 26,505 blocks long in Minecraft.

    Dec 20 JackBriar 2 comments United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Tennis Racquet On Nose While Kneeling

    Suresh Gaur balanced a tennis racquet on his nose for nine minutes, 2.00 seconds while kneeling.

    Dec 11 SureshGaur 2 comments India
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    Longest Time Balancing A 500-ml Water Bottle On A Tennis Racquet Handle On Chin

    Doug McManaman balanced a 500-ml water bottle on a tennis racquet handle on his chin for two minutes, 13.02 seconds.

    Dec 04 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Abdominal Crunches Performed In One Hour

    Ross B. completed 7,787 abdominal crunches in one hour.

    Nov 22 RossBorja 3 comments Philippines
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    Tallest Fidget Spinner Tower Stacked On A Tennis Ball

    Pavol Durdik stacked nine fidget spinners on a tennis ball.

    Nov 08 PavolDurdik 11 comments Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)

    Frycook Four completed 1,800 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

    Nov 08 Frycookfour 17 comments United States
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    Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On A Cellphone

    Pavol Durdik spun a fidget spinner on a cellphone for two minutes, 38.00 seconds.

    Nov 06 PavolDurdik 10 comments Slovakia
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    Most TNT Detonated In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

    Agent GB placed and detonated 3,154,476 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

    Nov 03 agentgb 28 comments France
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    Longest Time Hanging On A Pull-Up Bar (Junior)

    Record Setter hung on a pull-up bar for five minutes, 6.78 seconds.

    Oct 30 PhilHughes 2 comments England
  14. #21

    Tallest CD Tower Stacked On A CD Held In Mouth

    Pavol Durdik stacked 55 CDs on a CD held in his mouth.

    Oct 16 PavolDurdik 6 comments Slovakia
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    Tallest Spinning Fidget Spinner Tower Stacked On A Knife Held In Mouth

    Pavol Durdik stacked eight spinning fidget spinners on a knife held in his mouth.

    Sep 29 PavolDurdik 4 comments Slovakia
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    Most Bounces Of An Onion Between Two Table Tennis Paddles In 20 Seconds

    Pavol Durdik bounced an onion between two table tennis paddles 113 times in 20 seconds.

    Sep 25 PavolDurdik 1 comment Slovakia
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    Tallest Spinning Fidget Spinner Tower Stacked On A Knife Held In Mouth

    Pavol Durdik stacked seven spinning fidget spinners on a knife held in his mouth.

    Sep 22 PavolDurdik 4 comments Slovakia
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    Most Card Shuffles In One Minute

    Strahinja S. shuffled a deck of playing cards 31 times in one minute.

    Sep 22 StrahinjaStamenkovic 3 comments Serbia
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    Tallest Balled Up Sock Tower

    Pavol Durdik stacked 15 pairs of balled up socks in a tower.

    Sep 22 PavolDurdik Slovakia