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Farthest Distance To Throw A 7.75-Pound Pumpkin Underhand

01:04 United States

Clint P. threw a 7.75-pound pumpkin 39.25 feet (471 inches).

Longest Time Jumping While Throwing Hacky Sack In Air

00:33 United States

Tai Star jumped for 29.44 seconds while throwing a hacky sack in the air.

Most American Pennies Thrown At Once

02:05 United States

Tai Star threw 200 pennies at once.

Farthest Distance To Hit An Inflatable Owl With A Pinecone

01:02 Belgium

Joseph Nagy hit an inflatable owl with an all-natural pinecone from 271 inches (22.58 feet) away.

Fewest Tomahawk Throws Made To Hit Five Balloons

02:39 Canada

Doug McManaman threw a tomahawk nine times, hitting five balloons.

Farthest Distance To Catch A Cell Phone

00:12 United States

Gavin M. caught a cell phone thrown from 12 feet away.

Most Boomerangs Thrown And Caught

00:59 United States

David Cain threw four boomerangs at once and caught them all.

Fastest Time To Complete 25 Club Thows In A Reverse Cascade Pattern

00:8 United States

Brian Pankey completed 25 club throws in a reverse cascade pattern in 6.97 seconds

Most People To Throw Shoes Onstage While Jugglers Are Passing Clubs

03:28 United States

A total of 32 people threw shoes to Chad Lunders and Mark Wilkening while they passed clubs in a juggling pattern onstage.

Farthest Distance To Throw A Cricket Ball

01:09 United States

Roald Bradstock threw a cricket ball a distance of 435.04 feet (5220.50 inches).

Most Consecutive Three Ball Multiplex Throws Behind Back With Leg Kick Up In 15 Seconds

00:17 United States

Brian Pankey completed six consecutive three-ball multiplex throws behind his back in 15 seconds and kicked his leg up during the throws. He completed a total of seven but the last attempt did not fall inside the 15-second mark.

Most Consecutive Hops With A Diabolo In 30 Seconds

00:46 Poland

Bartek B. completed 43 diabolo hops in 30 seconds.

Most 720-Degree Miyachi Circles While Balancing On A Rola Bola

00:41 United States

Brian Pankey tossed a Myachi in the air and completed a 720-degree rotation with his hand before catching it three times. He performed this feat while balancing on a rola bola.

Most Consecutive "Snakes" With A Myachi In One Minute

01:07 United States

Brian Pankey completed 25 “Snakes” with a Myachi in one minute.

Most Consecutive "Chicken Wings" With A Myachi In One Minute

01:33 United States

Brian Pankey completed 19 consecutive “Chicken Wings” with a Myachiin 30 seconds.

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