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Most Pencils Thrown At A Camera In 15 Seconds

01:05 United States

Stephie threw 31 pencils at a camera in 15 seconds.

Farthest Distance To Throw An "Angry Birds" Plush Toy

01:48 United States

Cameron Koehne threw an Angry Birds Plush toy a distance of 1,172 inches (97 feet, 8 inches).

Most Times to Say "Peep" While Being Hit With Peeps


Sydney said "peep" 201 times while Nancy Kate and Sarah threw marshmallow Peeps at her.

Most Consecutive "Snakes" With A Myachi In 30 Seconds

00:32 United States

Brian Pankey completed nine “Snakes” with a Myachi in 30 seconds.

Most Catches Of A Tennis Ball Thrown Over One's Own Shoulder In One Minute

01:02 United States

Brian Pankey completed 64 catches of a tennis ball thrown over his shoulder in one minute.

Most Spinning Pillow Throws In One Minute

01:22 United States

Brian Walker threw a spinning pillow in the air 30 times in one minute.

Most Pies Thrown By A Clown Taken In The Face In One Minute

01:35 United States

Mike K. of Sweaty Church took 65 pies to the face thrown by a clown in one minute.

Farthest Distance To Throw A Tire Using One Hand


Michael Price threw a tire 464.96 inches (38.74 feet).

Most People Throwing Paper Airplanes At Once

02:53 United States

A total of 59 student campers from iD Tech Camps UC San Diego threw a paper airplane at the same time. [][][#iDTech][]

Most Times Throwing A Hacky Sack Between Hands

01:39 United States

Noah J. threw a hacky sack 333 times between his hands.

Most Tosses Of A Rubber Duck Between Two People

10:08 United States

Izzy and her friend threw a rubber duck back and forth, catching it 413 consecutive times.

Most Consecutive Popcorn Kernels Thrown In Air And Caught In Mouth While Sitting On A Couch

01:49 United States

Riley H. tossed 17 popcorn kernels in the air and caught them with his mouth while sitting in a couch.

Most Strings Of Beads Thrown Around Someone's Neck From A Balcony In One Minute

01:21 United States

George Morse threw four beads around his friend’s neck from a balcony in one minute.

Farthest Throw Of A Golf Ball To Knock Over A Cup On A Cup With A Table Tennis Ball On Top, Causing The Ball To Land In The Cup

03:30 United States

Brian Pankey threw a golf ball knocking over a cup on a cup with a table tennis ball on top, causing the table tennis ball to land in the first cup from 20 feet away.

Most Play-Doh Balls Thrown At A Picture Of Pizza Stuck To A Fridge In One Minute

01:24 Australia

Kate Symons threw 37 Play-Doh balls at a picture of a pizza stuck to a fridge in one minute.

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