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Longest Tandem "Shh"

01:11 United States

Jason O’Brien and Andrew Chiccini held a single tandem “Shh” for 34.55 seconds.

Fastest High Five Tandem Beer Chug Involving A Professional Skateboarder

00:38 United States

Kevin Rose and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk each chugged a beer in 11.03 seconds while continuously high fiving the entire time. The record was set on November 6, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris Sacca[] was present to document and witness the feat. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand. #celebpick

Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A Yahtzee With 50 Dice During A Live Radio Broadcast

03:58 United States

Most Alternating Random Words Spoken Between Two People In 30 Seconds

00:43 United States

Jack McGill and his friend spoke together, alternating 66 random words in 30 seconds.

Most Tandem Double-Leg Circles On A Pommel Horse

00:31 Canada

Robert Watson and Jason Scott completed a total of 15 double-leg circles[] on apommel horse.

Most Leap Frogs In A Shower In 30 Seconds


Lisa Bay and Mike MacPherson completed 17 leap frogs in a shower in 30 seconds. The duo set achieved the feat at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival in George, Washington. The record was set inside got2b’s World’s Biggest Shower[], a featured festival attraction. [#SMF01][]

Longest Morse Code Conversation Using Vuvuzelas

02:22 Canada

Craig Morrison and Sam Stilson of The Record Collection had a morse code[] conversation using vuvuzelas that was 20 characters in length.

Most Regulation-Length Basketball Court Football Passes In One Minute


Timothy Carroll and Eddie Pearsonthrew 15 complete passes using a football the full length of a regulation basketball court in one minute.

Longest Tandem "Yo"

01:11 United States

Madison Sands and Rachel Grey released a tandem quot;yoquot; that lasted 31.60 seconds.

Longest Time For Two People To Play On A Trampoline While Wearing Roller Skates

02:31 Chile

FlyMac and his friend played on a trampoline for two minutes, 31.00 seconds while they both wore roller skates.

Most Tandem Knee Slaps In One Minute

01:24 United States

Four student campers from iD Tech Camps New York University slapped their knees 1,689 times in one minute. [#iDTech][]

Most Times For Two People To Be Startled By A Miniature Christmas Tree In 30 Seconds

00:59 United States

Mortimer Blackwell and Steve Schlacker were startled by a miniature Christmas tree 32 times in 30 seconds.

Shortest Staring Contest

00:31 United States

Mick Cullen lost a staring contest to Autumn Rizzio in .134 seconds during a live broadcast of WRLR 98.3 FM’sSubterraneanshow in Round Lake Heights, Illinois. This record was one of 16 URDB records broken during the show’s attempt to set a new record for Most URDB World Records Broken During A Live Radio Show[].

Most Jumps In One Minute By Two Siblings With The Combined Age Of 10

01:20 Canada

Mario's kids,6-year-old Emily and 4-year-old Nicky, jumped a combined total of 299 times in one minute.

Longest Time For Two People To Touch Noses

02:58 United States

Bob Officer and John Milhiser touched their noses together for 10 hours, 34 minutes and 55 seconds without interruption. They set the record on March 18, 2010 in New York City during the taping of a RecordSetter segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Rob Birdsong served as witness. More footage of the record can be downloaded here. tag:JF04, tag:LNWJF

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