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Tallest Dixie Cup Tower

01:47 United States

Ben Hinton built a Dixie cup tower with a total of 600 cups (40 stories) in height that was ultimately knocked over by his cat Meepers.

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked With Two Hands In One Minute

01:08 United States

Dylan M. stacked 56 pennies in two towers in one minute using both hands.

Tallest Domino Tower Balanced On Two Fingers

01:35 Canada

Thomas R. balanced a stack of 20 dominoes on his two fingers.

Tallest Penny Tower On The Brim Of A Cap While Wearing It

01:34 United States

Derek and Keely assembled a penny tower on the brim of Hunter's cap that reached 41 pennies in height.

Tallest Object Balanced On Chin

00:51 United States

David Cain balanced a 60-foot pole on his chin.

Tallest Chair Tower

17:18 United States

Kevin Cummings sat on a tower of chairs that reached 27 chairs in height. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Tallest Domino Tower Stacked On A Standing Domino

00:40 England

Tegan S. stacked 27 dominoes on a standing domino.

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked Vertically On Top Of A Penny

00:39 Canada

Doug McManaman stacked two pennies vertically on top of another penny.

Tallest DVD Tower

02:16 United States

Declan Reibel built a DVD tower that reached 116 DVDs in height.

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On A Tennis Ball

01:54 United States

Brian Pankey assembled a ketchup packet tower on a tennis ball reaching 13 packets in height.

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower On A Smooth Surface

04:59 Canada

Doug McManaman built a tower using ketchup packets 22 packets tall.

Tallest Shaving Cream Wig Built In Two Minutes

01:57 United States

With a peak measurement of 15 inches, Jackson Bloomer led his friends in setting the world record for the tallest shaving cream wig created in two minutes.

Tallest Bowling Ball Tower

02:31 United States

Eric S. stacked seven bowling balls in a tower.

Tallest Ice Skater On Stilts

03:28 United States

David "Too Tall Ike" Isaacson stood 10 feet tall while ice skating on stilts. Skating on stilts has been his hobby for over five years now and he has performed for more than 60 events including NHL, NCAA, and high school game events.

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked On Right Ring Finger

01:34 Canada

Doug McManaman stacked 40 pennies on his right ring finger.

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