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Most People In China Simultaneously Surfing A Single Wave

01:11 United States

A total of 15 surfers rode a wave at once. The record was set during the XSories Jalenboo Surf and Skate Contest in Hainan, China. Read more about it here.

Largest Wave Surfed

03:28 Portugal

Carlos Burle surfed a 100-feet tall wave, setting a surfing world record. He set the record off the coast of central Portugal.

Fastest Time For A Person Dressed As A Superhero To Surf Down A Flight Of Stairs Backwards Through Three People's Legs

00:57 United States

Six-year-old Jaiden Pillai, dressed as Captain America, surfed backwards down a flight of stairs containing 14 steps in 2.55 seconds. During the attempt, he passed under the legs of three people.

Most Santas Surfing

02:16 United States

George Trosset and 18 of his friends dressed in Santa Claus outfits and went surfing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Longest Freestyle Rap While Riding A Rola Bola Surfer Style

01:46 United States

Brian Pankey performed 14 bars of a freestyle rap while riding a rola bola[]surfer style.

Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Three Machetes While Balancing Surfer-Style On A Rola Bola

01:02 United States

Brian Pankey made 137 consecutive catches while juggling three machetes and balancing surfer style on a rola bola.

Longest Time To Balance Surfboard On Chin

01:35 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a surfboard on his chin for 43.6 seconds while on his knees. The board he used was 259 cm (108 inches) long and weighed 9.07 kg (20 lbs).

Most Kiteboarding Backloops In One Minute

01:22 United States

Tammy Camp completed five backloops on her kiteboard in one minute. She raised funds to set the record through Indiegogo.

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