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Farthest Distance To Outrun "Elmer Fudd" While Wearing A Bunny Suit

01:59 United States

Brian, dressed in a bunny suit, outran "Elmer Fudd" 85 feet. He set the record as part of "In The Mix Records".

Fastest Public Treadmill Run While Wearing A Bunny Suit

01:37 United States

Brian W. ran 10 mph on a treadmill placed on a street sidewalk. He wore a full bunny suit throughout the entire attempt. Brian set the record as part of "In The Mix Records" to be presented at his high school student ministry.

Fastest Time To Attach 100 Loofahs To Someone's Coveralls In A Prius

01:11 United States

This record was set as part of Prius Records, a two-day event streamed live on the Internet. In a 48-hour period, URDB officials adjudicated 200 Prius-related world records. This was the most records ever documented in a 48-hour window, a world record in and of itself. The event took place in Los Angeles, California on March 30th and 31st, 2011. See all the records set at the event here.

Fastest Time To Make A Homemade Suit Out Of Playing Cards

United States

Peter Kuhberg made an entire playing card suit in 45 hours. He used six decks of standard playing cards to build the outfit.

Fastest Time To Open A Suitcase And Put On A Suit

00:29 Australia

Peter Craig opened a suitcase and put on a suit in 17.24 seconds. This record was one of 14 records Craig broke while setting the record for Most URDB World Records Broken In 10 Minutes.

Fastest Time To Sort A Suit Of 13 Playing Cards

United States

Rich Ferguson sorted a full suit of 13 playing cards from a shuffled deck in 7.16 seconds.

Largest Collection Of Full Body Suits

United States

Sean Goldsmith has two full body suits in his collection.

Longest "March of the Mods" Led By Someone Dressed In A Banana Suit

02:45 England

Dressed in a banana suit, Alex Clayton led 96 people in dancing to March of the Mods.

Longest Time Juggling Three Pumpkins In A Box Pattern While Dressed As A Care Bear

02:19 United States

Nate T. juggled three pumpkins for two minutes, 3.12 seconds while dressed as a Care Bear.

Most Carrots Bought While Wearing A Bunny Suit

02:53 United States

Brian W. bought a total of 25 pounds of carrots in a store. He wore a full bunny suit throughout the entire attempt. He set the record as part of "In The Mix Records" to be presented at his high school student ministry.

Most Marshmallows Stuffed Into A Santa Suit In One Minute

United States

Caleb B.'s teammate stuffed 444 marshmallows into his Santa suit in one minute.

Most People To Wear The Same Suit In One Minute

01:33 United States

Neil Moallem and three of his friends wore the same suit in one minute. Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will. General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

Most Pocket Squares Worn In 30 Seconds

00:42 United States

Andy Ellwood fit 15 pocket squares in his jacket pocket in 30 seconds. He set the record at Eton of Sweden's store in New York City.

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