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Fastest Time To Upright Row 1300 Pounds

00:54 United States

Jason F. performed an upright row with 1,300 pounds in 10.62 seconds.

Fastest Time To Walk 50 Meters While Carrying 120 Kilograms

01:26 United States

Andreas W. walked 50 meters in 32.37 seconds while carrying 60-kilogram weights in each hand.

Fastest Triple Arm Endurance Challenge

20:48 United States

Alicia Weber completed the Triple Arm endurance challenge in 20 minutes, 37.97 seconds.

Fewest Atlas Stone Drops Needed To Demolish A Computer Hard Drive Tower

01:42 United States

Clint Poore demolished a computer hard drive tower using an Atlas stone in five drops.

Furthest Flexed Hang Arm Walk In One Minute

01:36 United States

Alicia Weber performed 90 feet of flexed hang arm walking in one minute.

Heaviest Anderson Press (Athlete Under 235 Lbs.)

00:36 United States

Clint Poore performed an Anderson press with 300-pound weight. His body weight during the attempt was 233 pounds.

Heaviest Anderson Squat (Athlete Under 235 Lbs.)

United States

Clint Poore performed an Anderson squat with 615-pound weight. His body weight during the attempt was 234 pounds.

Heaviest Atlas Stone Held Between Feet While Doing A Strict Pull-Up

01:05 United States

Andreas W. held an atlas stone weighing 88.8 pounds between his feet while performing strict pull-up.

Heaviest Atlas Stone Overhead Press (Athlete Under 200 Lbs)

00:26 United States

MightySaxon performed an atlas overhead press using a Slater Stone weighing 240 pounds.

Heaviest Biceps Curl Using A Preacher Curl Machine

00:27 United States

Deviantdamien performed a biceps curl with 210-pound weight on a preacher curl machine.

Heaviest Dumbbell "Clean" (Athlete Under 200 Lbs.)

00:22 United States

MightySaxon performed a 120-pound dumbbell clean. His body weight during the attempt was 198.41 pounds.

Heaviest Fire Truck Harness Pull

00:44 United States

Randy Richey of The Omega Force Strength Team pulled a 36,000-pound fire truck loaded with 16,000 pounds of water a distance of over 50 feet using a harness. The weight was verified by the local Burkesville Kentucky Fire Department. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Heaviest Human Arm-Over-Arm Sled Drag And Pull

00:29 United States

Clint Poore dragged and pulled a sled carrying a 297-pound person 50 feet in distance.

Heaviest Olympic Barbell Curl

00:24 United States

Clint Poore performed a curl with an Olympic barbell weighing 175 pounds.

Heaviest One-Armed Dumbbell Curl By An 11-Year-Old

00:17 United States

Jake S. performed a one-armed curl using a 25-pound dumbbell. He is 11 years old.

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