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Tallest Styrofoam Cup Tower

08:06 United States

Cam B. stacked 21 Styrofoam 16-ounce cups on top of each other end-to-end.

Most Quarters Stacked On A Roll Of Duct Tape


Ryan Cox stacked a tower made of 40 quarters on top of a roll of duct tape.

Most Books Stacked On A Vase

United States

Matthew Nunnery stacked 35 books on a vase.

Fastest Time To Stack 10 Cheerios

00:35 United States

Ben Hinton built a tower ten Cheerios in height in 10.27 seconds.

Tallest Almond Tower

00:55 United States

Nathan Richmond built an almond tower seven almonds in height.

Most Jenga Pieces Stacked On Tongue

02:43 United States

Ryan DeNardo built a 26-piece Jenga tower on Billy Disney’s tongue. DeNardo and Disney set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event held at Littlefield in Brooklyn, New York. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. #WRAS21

Most Frozen Waffles Stacked In Two Hands

03:23 United States

Nick balanced a stack of 120 frozen waffles in his hands.

Most DVD Cases Stacked In One Hand

04:12 United States

Tristan B. stacked 80 DVD cases in his hand.

Tallest Book Tower Held In One Hand

03:33 Australia

Peter Craig held up a tower of 64 books in his hand at once.

Most Cardboard Coin Holders With Coins Stacked

United States

George Beach stacked 58 coin holders.

Tallest Book Tower Held In Hand While Balanced On A Rola Bola

01:45 Australia

Peter Craig held a stack of 53 books at once while on a rola bola.

Fastest Time To Stack 10 DVD Cases

00:29 England

Joachim J. stacked 10 DVD cases in 3.13 seconds.

Fastest Time To Stack 10 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

00:16 United States

inyourPHaZe stacked 10 rolls of toilet papers in 4.10 seconds.

Tallest Duct Tape Tower Balanced On Head

01:12 United States

Kyle Hanleystacked eight rolls of duct tape on his bare head.

Fastest Time To Complete A 3-6-3 Speed Stack While Standing On A Rola Bola

02:21 United States

Brian Pankey completed a 3–6–3 speed stack while balanced on a rola bola[] in 7.15 seconds.

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