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Most Non-Nut Sexual Innuendos Delivered To A Squirrel In One Minute

01:28 United States

Matt Vescovo displays a tremendous penchant for animal flirtation by delivering 10 non-nut sexual innuendos to a squirrel in one minute, a new world record. He began an 11th (“Can I enter your treehole?”), but was unable to complete it within the alloted time. Vescovo wooed the squirrel with such lines as “I’ve got a wonderful place for you to hibernate” and “I’d like to become one with nature.” He performed the feat at a World Record Appreciation Society event held in New York City on February 11, 2009. Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman served as witnesses. [#WRAS03][]

Largest Corn Holder Squirrel Feeder Collection

United States

Cameron Shurtz has one corn holder squirrel feeder in his collection.

Most Mounted Squirrels Sat In A Rocking Chair

01:32 United States

Andy Pelphrey sat in a rocking chair with four mounted squirrels.

Most Right-Handed Basketball Shots Made While Holding A Mounted Squirrel In Left Hand

01:33 United States

Andy Pelphrey made 11 successful right-handed basketball shots while holding a mounted squirrel in his left hand.

Longest Tail On A Mounted Red Squirrel

01:58 United States

Andy Pelphrey has a mounted red squirrel with a tail that measures 11 inches long.

Longest Combined Tail Length On Two Dual-Mounted Grey Squirrels

02:09 United States

Andy Pelphrey has two grey squirrels mounted on same mount with tails that measure a combined length of 14.25 inches long.

Longest Combined Length Of Two Grey Squirrels On Same Mount

02:27 United States

Andy Pelphrey’s two mounted grey squirrels have a combined length of 34.5 inches. The squirrels are mounted on the same mount. The first squirrel measures 18 inches in length while the other one is 16.5 inches long.

Longest Mounted Red Squirrel

02:14 United States

Andy Pelphrey has a mounted red squirrel that measures a length of 23.5 inches long. The tail is included in the measurement.

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