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02:05 United States

Most Swiss Ball Squats In One Minute

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 15 Swiss ball squats in one minute.

03:08 Bulgaria

Most Deep Squats In Three Minutes

Radi Milev “65 years old”

Radi M. completed 201 deep squats in three minutes. Read more about the feat here.

01:30 United States

Tallest Squatty Potty Stool Tower Squatted On

Carlo Montagnino

Carlo Montagnino squatted on a Squatty Potty tower four stools in height.

01:17 United States

Most One-Legged Squats While Playing A Didgeridoo

Tai Star

Tai Star performed 10 one-legged squats while playing didgeridoo.

00:51 United States

Most Squats While Balancing A Juggling Club While Someone Under 10 Years Old Sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan performed eight squats while balancing a juggling club on his chin while Miranda sung Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the Gallery Walk in Brattleboro, Vermont.

01:00:58 Bulgaria

Most Squats In One Hour By A 60-Year-Old

Radi Milev “65 years old”

60-year-old Radi M. completed 2,920 squats in one hour.

00:30 United States

Heaviest Giant Log Squat

Omega Force

Randy Richey of the Omega Force Strength Team performed a 1000-pound giant wooden log squat. He set the record during the Jacksonville Festival in Scottsville, Kentucky.

38:50 United States

Most Reps Performing 35-Minute Strict Pull-Squat-Push

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 457 reps performing a 35-minute strict pull-squat-push.

01:35 Scotland

Most Deep Squats In One Minute

William Cannon

William C. completed 86 deep squats in one minute. He set the record to raise funds for The National Autistic Society in Scotland.

02:49 France

Most Deep Squats In Two Minutes

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume B. completed 141 deep squats in two minutes.

03:57 United States

Most Squat-Curl-Press Combinations In Three Minutes With 35-Pound Dumbbells

Andre Turan

Andre T. performed 40 squat-curl-press combinations in three minutes with 35-pound dumbbells.

05:32 Bulgaria

Most Deep Squats In Four Minutes

Radi Milev “65 years old”

Radi M. completed 267 deep squats in four minutes.

01:48 France

Most Squat Jumps Over A Stack Of Three Toilet Paper Rolls In One Minute

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume B. completed 37 squat jumps over a stack of three toilet paper rolls in one minute.

59:52 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 700 Squats And 50 Bucket Carries

Andre Turan

Andre Turan completed 700 squats and 50 bucket carries in 55 minutes, 39.00 seconds.

03:27 United States

Longest Time Standing On One Foot Before Doing Ten One-Footed Squats

Tai Star

Tai Star stood on one foot for 41 minutes, 21.00 seconds before doing ten one-footed squats.

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