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Most Golf Balls Hit In 10 Seconds

00:15 Canada

Josh Dekker hit 36 golf balls with a golf club in 10 seconds.

Most Consecutive Pop Shuvits While Wearing A Beanie And Seven Hats

00:21 United States

Shawtgun White completed nine consecutive pop shuvits while wearing a beanie and one hat.

Longest Table Tennis Rally With Both Participants Wearing Hats And One Participant Wearing Fun Slides

03:33 Chile

FlyMac and his friend volleyed a table tennis ball back and forth 182 times while they both wore hats and FlyMac wore Fun Slides.

Most Punching Bag Punches In 15 Seconds

00:14 Pakistan

Ahmad Amin Bodla punched a punching bag 190 times in 15 seconds.

Most Cartwheels In 30 Seconds

00:51 United States

Michael A. completed 28 cartwheels in 30 seconds.

Longest High Five

06:51 United States

Caleb Jones and Jared Hunter of BreakBox Productions ran towards each other for a combined distance of 32.18 kilometers (20 miles) before slapping a high five. Jones started in Taylor, Arkansas while Hunter started in Magnolia Arkansas. They kept their high fiving hands raised in the air for the duration of the feat.

Longest Paper Football Field Goal

01:47 United States

Kelley P. hit a paper football field goal from 35 feet (420 inches) away.

Most Cigarette Flips In One Minute

01:26 Norway

Taylor Priest completed 13 cigarette flips on a skateboard in one minute.

Most Consecutive 'Perfect Push-Ups'

05:45 United States

Alexander L. completed 150 perfect push-ups in a row.

Most Consecutive Single Breath Underwater Front Flips

00:38 United States

Peter C. performed 16 underwater front flips in a pool using just one breath.

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces On The Spine Of A Table Tennis Paddle

02:02 Georgia

Mamuka Kucia bounced a table tennis ball 300 times on the spine of his table tennis paddle.

Longest Polo Game

United States

The Noh Foods Polo Team and the Trione Vineyards and Winery Polo Team played an arena polo game that lasted eight hours and 10 minutes. They set the record during the Ford Trucks World Record Polo Game at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more about the feat here.

Longest Time Whistling While Bicycling In Death Valley

01:18 England

Kenny Lewis whistled for 44.95 seconds while riding his bicycle though Death Valley. His tune of choice was Walking In The Air, the theme from the 1982 animated film of Raymond Briggs’ 1978 children’s book The Snowman[]. Lewis took the ride to raise money for WaterAid.

Longest Time Dribbling Two Basketballs While Blindfolded

05:53 United States

Jordan W. dribbled two basketballs blindfolded for five minutes, 13.69 seconds.

Most Baseballs Held In Hand With Palm Down

00:46 United States

Ryan D. held six baseballs in one hand with his palm facing down.

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