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Most Basketball Bounces In 30 Seconds While Performing A Spider Drill By An 11-Year-Old

00:41 United States

Jake S. completed 145 consecutive bounces of a basketball in 30 seconds while performing a spider drill. He is 11 years old.

Fastest Time To Run A 5k Race While Dressed Like A Penguin And Juggling

United States

Pete Moyer ran a 5K race in 24 minutes, 41.0 seconds. He was dressed as a penguin and juggling throughout the run.

Most Consecutive Egg-On-Spoon-In-Mouth Pull-Ups In One Minute

01:28 United States

Alicia Weber completed 16 pull-ups in one minute while balancing an egg on a spoon held in her mouth.

Most People To Somersault From Pitcher's Mound To Home Plate

02:10 United States

Derek Volk lead 25 people from the Scarborough Maine 7th Grade Girls Softball Team and 7th Grade Baseball Team in somersaulting from the pitcher's mound to the home plate. They set the record during their end-of-season party.

Most Bullseyes Hit By Two Dart Players In Two Minutes

02:44 Canada

Rory Orvis and Cory Tkach teamed up and hit 43 bullseyes in two minutes. They set the record during Kinosota Open Darts Tournament.

Fastest Juggling Triathlon

02:49 United States

Joe Salter completed a juggling triathlon in one hour, 57 minutes. He swam 0.25 miles while juggling three balls, rode 16.2 miles on a bike while juggling two balls in one hand and then completed a 4-mile run while juggling three balls.

Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On Handle Base While Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball On A Paddle

01:13 Georgia

Mamuka Kucia completed 162 bounces of a table tennis ball on the handle base of a table tennis paddle while bouncing a table tennis ball on another paddle in his other hand.

Farthest Distance For A 10-Year-Old To Throw A Basketball

00:23 United States

Fusion Fitness' Connor Benning threw a basketball a distance of 322 inches. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Most People Jumped Over While Wearing Roller Skates

00:36 United States

Jeremy "Streak" Strecker, the #1 men's roller derby player in the world, jumped over 11 people while wearing roller skates. Join evian on April 7th at Collins Park in Miami Beach, Florida and help attempt to set a new world record for the longest roller skating conga line. #evianwater

Most People Front Flipped Over At Once

00:26 United States

Evan Funk front flipped over 10 people lying down at once. NOTE: This feat should only be attempted by trained professionals. Please have proper safety elements in place.

Most Table Tennis Returns In 30 Seconds

00:29 United States

Mike Uba and his friend rallied a table tennis ball back and forth 62 times under 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive No-Look Half Court Shots

01:09 United States

Jason“White Shadow”Gibbons completed three no-look half court shots in a row. He set the record as part of a “Shots for a Cause” program designed to raise money for various charities.

Most Wall Spins In 15 Seconds

00:32 United States

Austin Cummings performed eight wall spins in 15 seconds during a stop on the RecordSetter book tour.

Largest Collection Of Zach Randolph Autographs

01:51 United States

Walker Neilson owns 38 Zach Randolph autographs.

Most Table Tennis Balls Volleyed By Two Players At One Time

01:14 United States

David and Scott Cain volleyed five table tennis balls at one time.

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