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Many world record holders have proven they're the best by being the fastest. People show off their speed in the areas of sports, music, video games, recitation and much, much more. No matter what your hobby, if you can do it fast, you stand a chance at becoming a global champion. Hurry up and set a world record!

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Fastest Time To Drink A Pint Of Milk

00:28 United States

Kevin R. drank a pint of milk in 3.81 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

Fastest Time To Eat 15 Chocolate Mini Doughnuts


Trenton Graham consumed 15 chocolate mini doughnuts in two minutes, 48.82 seconds. NOTE: Stuffing food in your mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

Fastest Completion Of Five Cartwheels

00:7 England

Vaughan's son completed five cartwheels in exactly 4.00 seconds.

Fastest Time To Create Ten Balloon Sculptures While Balancing On A Rola Bola

04:24 United States

Louie Foxx created 10 balloon sculptures while on a rola bola in four minutes and 16.67 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete 50 Clicks On A Tally Counter

00:35 England

John Stanley clicked a tally counter 50 times in 5.20 seconds.

Most One-Handed Sets Of 3-6-3 Speed Stacking In One Minute

01:30 United States

ASM completed eight one-handed sets of 3–6–3 speed stacking in one minute.

Fastest Time To Say First 100 Digits Of Pi With Eyes Closed

00:28 Singapore

Cheong Siong recited the first 100 digits of Pi with his eyes closed in 9.41 seconds.

Fastest Time To Blow Up A Balloon Until It Pops

00:20 Canada

Darryl Learie blew up a balloon until it popped in 12.66 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Assisted Flips In One Minute

Mridula Shanker completed 32 assisted flips in one minute.

Fastest Time To Rip A Sheet Of Paper Into 10 Pieces

01:15 United States

Jonah ripped a single sheet of 8.5" X 11" paper in to ten smaller pieces in 3.39 seconds.

Most Automobile U-Turns In Two Minutes

05:51 England

Kate Lawler completed 13 u-turns in two minutes.

Fastest Time To Publish A Document To A Website

00:5 Canada

Tim Kloske created, saved and published a document to a website in 4.38 seconds.

Fastest Time To Chug A 20-Ounce Bottle Of Powerade

14:49 United States

eeK chugged a 20-ounce bottle of Powerade in 4.85 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

Most Pairs Of Underwear Put On In 30 Seconds


Olivia Miller put on 15 pairs of underpants in 30 seconds.

Fastest Time To Name All James Bond Movies In Chronological Order

00:40 United States

Rob Wilkinson named all 22 of theJames Bondfilms in chronological order in 9.93 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

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