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Smallest Portrait

United States

Raymond W. painted a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi measuring 0.8 cm in height and 0.8 cm in width.

Smallest Tree Sculpture Carved From Chalk


Yuktha created a sculpture of a coconut tree on a chalk pencil that measured one square centimeter.

Shortest Person To Remove A Sword From Someone's Throat

00:25 United States

Khagendra Thapa Magar, only 22 inches tall, removed a sword from sword swallower Dan Meyer’s throat. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals.

Shortest Wooden Matchbook

United States

John Putnam owns four matchbooks that are each 27/32" in length, 7/16" in height and 21/32" in width. See full-sized image here.

Smallest "Fountain Of Horses" Carved From Chalk

00:30 India

Yuktha created a Fountain of Horses sculpture on a chalk pencil measuring 2.7 centimeters in length.

Smallest 3D Painting

03:08 India

Sujit Das created a painting measuring 4 centimeters in length and 3.5 centimeters in width.

Smallest Balloon Animal


David K. made a balloon animal measuring 8.5 centimeters wide and 9.5 centimeters high.

Smallest Bank Demand Draft


Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya gave a bank demand draft to his younger brother, Manish Upadhyaya, on his birthday on January 10, 2012. The demand draft was in the amount of 00.01 Indian rupee. It was drawn in favor of his brother's company "Unimax Facility Management Services". He paid 25 Indian rupees as a commission to the bank to get the demand draft.

Smallest Banker’s Cheque


State Bank of India issued a banker’s cheque in the amount of 0.01 Indian rupee to Dinesh Upadhyaya on December 30, 2011 after a four-month legal correspondence with bank officials. He gave the draft as a gift to his brother on his birthday. It was drawn in favor of his brother's company "Unimax Facility Management Services". He paid 25 Indian rupees as a commission to the bank to get the banker's cheque.

Smallest Bill Received From Mobile Phone Internet Usage


Dinesh Upadhyaya received a bill of 0.02 Indian Rupees for using 0.33 seconds of mobile phone internet service.

Smallest Broken Violin

United States

Nateandsam Zam owns a broken violin measuring 1.5 inches by 2.7 inches.

Smallest Catapult

United States

Bennett Wilson built a catapult 12 cm long x 8.6 cm wide x 13 cm tall which is 341.6 cubic centimeters in size for Boost Mobile, done in a partnership with CollegeHumor.

Smallest Cootie Catcher


Yogesh Barnela folded a cootie catcher, also known as a paper fortune teller, that measured 1 millimeter across.

Smallest Cross Stitched Design Inside A Bottle

00:20 England

Michelle S. created a cross stitch design 12 millimeters wide and put it inside a small bottle.

Smallest Flip Book

00:46 United States

BV Panduranga Rao, a cartoonist in Bangalore, India, created a flip book measuring 0.4 centimeter wide and 1.2 centimeters long. The book showed a stick figure playing cricket. It has a total of 44 pages and took Rao four days to complete.

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