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Most Times Slapping Someone In The Face In One Minute

01:06 United States

Sam K. slapped his friend in the face 645 times in one minute.

Most Slaps To The Face Received In 15 Seconds

00:33 United States

Scott Walsh received 171 slaps to his face in 15 seconds.

Most Tandem Knee Slaps In One Minute

01:24 United States

Four student campers from iD Tech Camps New York University slapped their knees 1,689 times in one minute. [#iDTech][]

Most Slaps To One's Own Face In One Minute

01:58 United States

Kyle Reed slapped his own face 736 times in one minute.

Most Types Of Food Back-Handed In 30 Seconds

01:03 United States

Joselyn Hughes back-handed 20 types of food in 30 seconds. The record was set at a RecordSetter LIVE! event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California. [#RSLIVE23][]

Most Facial Slaps With A Foam Peace Sign In One Minute

01:13 United States

Jake was slapped 400 times in one minute with a foam peace sign.

Most Times Slapping Someone In The Face In Five Seconds

00:10 United States

Eli slapped his friend in the face 42 times in five seconds.

Most Times Hitting Face With A Mini Dictionary In 15 Seconds

00:31 United States

George K. had his face hit with a mini dictionary 55 times in 15 seconds.

Most Belly Slaps In 30 Seconds While Drinking Water

00:31 United States

Ritt G. slapped his belly 334 times in 30 seconds while sipping a glass of water.

Most Slaps Of A Melon In 30 Seconds

01:29 United States

A member of Support The Melons slapped a melon 256 times in 30 seconds. They set the record to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

Most Shaving Cream Face Slaps In 15 Seconds

United States

Caleb B. led 29 people in slapping one person's face with shaving cream in 15 seconds.

Most Times Slapped In Face In One Minute

01:16 United States

Lawson Clarke bravely takes 46 slaps to the face in one minute, a new world record. He insisted beforehand that no one wear jewelery on their hand while slapping, and no one slap him in the ear. The record was set on May 20, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present to witness the feat and count the slaps. [#WRAS06][] tag:RecordSetterBook01

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