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Most Consecutive Basketball Layups While Doing A Boneless On A Skateboard

01:45 United States

TheSkaterG made four consecutive basketball layups while doing a boneless on his skateboard each time.

Most Consecutive Ollies Over A Sideways Trash Can

02:57 United States

JC Carleton completed eight consecutive skateboard ollies over a trash can turned on its side.

Longest Skateboard Trick Combo In A Self-Recorded Video

00:30 United States

TheSkaterG performed 31 skateboard tricks in a combo. He recorded the whole record attempt himself.

Most Ollies In One Minute

01:03 United States

TheSkaterG performed 76 ollies in one minute.

Longest Self-Filmed Skateboard Hang Ten

01:24 United States

TheSkaterG performed a Hang Ten for one minute, 10.14 seconds while filming himself.

Most Skateboards Ridden At Once

00:8 United States

TheSkaterG stacked five skateboards and rode them at once.

Most 180 Turns On A Skateboard In 30 Seconds

00:53 United States

TheSkaterG performed 61 180 turns on his skateboard in 30 seconds.

Most Blunt Skateboard Tricks In A Single Combo

00:39 United States

TheSkaterG performed six blunts in a single combo.

Fastest Five-Yard Primo Walk

00:44 United States

TheSkaterG performed a five-yard primo walk in 9.97 seconds.

Most Consecutive Boneless 180s On A Longboard

01:49 United States

TheSkaterG performed 30 Boneless 180 tricks on a longboard.

Most Ollies In 30 Seconds

00:30 United States

TheSkaterG performed 41 ollies in 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive Shuvits

01:42 United States

Gabriel P. completed 48 consecutive pop shuvits on his skateboard.

Most Consecutive Pop Shuvits While Wearing A Beanie And Seven Hats

00:21 United States

Shawtgun White completed nine consecutive pop shuvits while wearing a beanie and one hat.

Most Skateboard Parks Skated In One Day

26:15 Canada

Color Magazine and Globe Shoes teammates Chris Haslam, Ryan Decenzo, and Mark Appleyard skated 31 skateboard parks across Vancouver's Lower Mainland in a single day, a new world record. It took them 18 hours to complete the attempt.

Most Kickflips In One Minute


Ricky Glaser performed 36 kickflips in one minute. This is an unclaimed record attempt via Youtube UserID ColourFallMedia. Do you own this record? Contact us to claim it. Also seen on:

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